Easy Tips to Optimize HR Recruiting Costs

Easy Tips to Optimize HR Recruiting Costs and Still Select from a Global Talent Pool

The pressure’s on for HR recruiting firms and departments: reduce costs, lower time-to-fill and pull candidates from a global talent pool. Not too difficult, right? With the growing time constraints, corporate pressure to reduce costs and an increasingly competitive talent market, here some easy tips to optimize HR recruiting costs and still attract the best talent from around the world.

1. Travel less and meet online more.
Business travel is not just expensive. Constant travel also is a huge waste of valuable recruiting time. Kill two birds with one stone by implementing the newest online meeting technology to cut wasted travel time and costs.

2. Hire virtual recruiters assigned to global time zones.
Global means a 24-hour recruiting day for modern HR departments and recruiting firms. To lower costs associated with overtime and global travel, hire recruiters that only meet online with candidates in specific time zone work hours.

3. Choose clients that are looking for global candidates that will telecommute during the interview process.
Paying for global travel to bring in recruiting prospects from all over the world will destroy your profits. Choose clients that are willing to meet with candidates only online, the new telecommuting candidate interviewing process.

4. Use video meetings to maximize effectiveness and keep costs low.
Video recruiting is the new “it” standard for smart firms and HR. Read Vaco’s first-person account of the success of their new online video recruiting processa process that resulted in five-time recruiter productivity.

5. Close the deal completely online.
Choose technology (video conferencing, conference calls, email, file sharing, etc.) that will enable your firm to begin and end the recruiting process completely online. Find candidates on LinkedIn and other hiring sites, set up interviews via email, interview face-to-face via video conference with webcams, set up the customer-candidate interviews using video meeting tech, sign contracts using digital communication and onboard with virtual training modules. All online, no business travel costs involved.

How has your company reduced costs and improved time-to-fill using modern communication technology?

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