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How to Personalize Your Online Meeting Space

Being able to customize your online meeting space gives your meeting attendees a unique way to identify with you and your company, and ensures them they’ve “made it to the right place”. Clients and customers will feel a deeper connection with your organization through the personalization, instead of logging into a plain, dull corporate meeting room.

Through unique URLs, bio descriptions, photos and more, you can easily create an online meeting space that assures a more personal environment and engaging experience for your customers and clients.

You can personalize your online meeting space by modifying the following:

URL: Creating a custom, persistent URL for your online meeting space is both helpful for you, the host, and for your meeting participants. Hosting a meeting to showcase a product to a prospect or working with colleagues on a project? Customize your URL with the company name, product or project name before sending the link in your meeting invitation.

This will assure your participants they’re entering the right meeting. It also keeps things simple for you, as you can quickly launch a meeting and have attendees join via a simple URL—ideal for those spur of the moment meetings.

Background: With PGi’s iMeet®, there are a host of preloaded animated backgrounds or themes that you can chose before your online meeting starts. From cities to landscapes, these animated backgrounds allow you to tell a story about yourself and your personality without ever saying a word.

Some meeting tools even offer full branding and customization, allowing you to put your brand forward as part of every online meeting you host. You can customize a theme according to your corporate design or create a background with your prospect or client’s logo, giving your meeting a competitive advantage.

Bio: Filling out your bio is a great way to let your participants know a little bit about you, and can even serve as an icebreaker before your meeting starts. In your bio description, consider highlighting your hobbies, passions, where you grew up or even a motto you live by. Bio descriptions are a way to give some insight to your personal life, spark a conversation and put participants at ease before your meeting begins.

Photo: Finally, having a photo of yourself gives participants the opportunity to put a face with a name. Depending on who you are meeting with, this photo could be a professional headshot, a picture of you and your family or even your favorite team’s sports logo.

Regardless of your meeting’s agenda, following this guide to personalizing your online meeting space will ensure a comfortable meeting experience for you and your participants. If you’re ready to take advantage of an online meeting tool that allows you to customize your meeting space, try PGi’s iMeet, free for 30 days.