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How to Present Information When Your Audience Isn’t Interested

No one wants to present boring information in a meeting. But sometimes it happens. Just because information may be exciting or interesting to you, doesn’t mean others will be as fascinated.

The key to presenting information to a disinterested audience is keeping them engaged and making the presentation an interactive experience. Understanding your audience and trying out some new techniques will help you strengthen the connection.

Potential clients may find themselves in meetings all the time. For you, not only is it difficult to get time with them, but it’s also a challenge to make yourself stand out from all the rest. To help separate from your competition, you can show your innovativeness with state-of-the-art online meeting tools.

Grab their attention by giving presentations real-time and face-to-face via a virtual meeting application.

No downloads required for your guests. A single click or quick sign-in for first-time visitors and they’re in. Video allows for a personal experience and dynamic interaction that lets you pick up on any non-verbal cues and nuances that would have otherwise been missed on an audio-only call.

iMeet allows sales professionals to have simply better meetings.

Human Resources
Every year, Human Resources departments are tasked with educating employees about the various benefits the company offers. Although many benefits are usually the same every year, there are often changes that must be communicated as well as individual changes that employees make as they adapt to the changes in their lives and families.

Not only can it be challenging to find the time and resources to scale benefits orientation to a geographically dispersed workforce, but it can be quite difficult to choose an effective delivery method—especially when associates are working from home or in offices around the world.

Don’t get stuck in the rut of constantly sending out long informative emails and scheduling all-day meetings. Instead, create a unique and interactive experience with web conferencing solutions such as iMeet and GlobalMeet.

Learn from PGi’s Senior Benefits Manager who recently launched a virtual benefits fair that successfully reached employees who were located in 36 different states, 25 percent of whom worked from home. She scheduled vendors meetings in iMeet rooms during scheduled time blocks where employees could pop in and ask questions—all without incurring travel costs or a single inconvenience to PGi benefit partners or our associates.

The fair was hugely successful and earned great feedback from employees.

One of the biggest challenges with IT is that not everyone understands the highly technical data often used in presentations. Step out of the box and use different tools that will help engage your audience.

GlobalMeet has a polling option that instantly turns your meeting into an interactive experience. You can either used previous written polling questions or create questions during the meeting. After you receive responses, you have the option to publish the results to your meeting guests. This is an easy way to make sure everyone is following along.

GlobalMeet also has a whiteboard option, which is great way to break up a data-heavy presentation. The whiteboard is a blank slide that you can draw or write on. It’s useful for sketching ideas, brainstorming and highlighting data points that can sometimes be buried in technical documents.


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