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How to Repurpose Webcasts to Bring Down Your Cost Per Lead

Webcasting is the smart marketer’s solution for budget-friendly lead generation.

No other solution gets you in front of a crowd of 10,000 without the hassle of travel and event costs. By removing the expensive venue, signage, heavy sound equipment or other production elements, webcasting is one of the top cost-effective tools for lead generation.

What if you could bring down your cost per lead even more? Think of the possibilities for your marketing budget.

Repurposing Your Webcasting Content

To optimize your ROI and expand your reach, savor every element of your webcast by repurposing it into new content marketing opportunities:

• The Content: You’re sitting on valuable content. Divide themes into blog posts with new spins or into fresh articles for media pitching. Format your entire presentation into a guide, develop your opinion on a disruptive thought or create a links post to additional resources. Remember this step in the very beginning so you can plant evergreen topics that will give you the most mileage.

• The Speaker: Choose a notable, credible or personable speaker with clout that can further benefit your content marketing. For example, plan a follow-up interview for your blog where your speaker can elaborate, clarify or add opinions on what they discussed.

• The Video: Even if your webcast was live, your entire video recording is now an on-demand resource to market to new viewers. Before you use it for YouTube or email nurturing, consider clipping it up into shorter, bite-size lengths for a series that expands your coverage.

• The Audio: To satisfy an array of consumer preferences, present the webcast audio as a podcast. Along with audio, a webcast transcript can accompany any audio or video to enhance SEO. Translate both your audio and transcript for more global leads, too.

• The Slides: Upload your slides to SlideShare to reach business users that make up their 215 million page views each month. If you did your homework, your slides are full of juicy stats that you can easily turn into an infographic.

• The Q&A: Your audience’s questions and feedback are rich with resources. First things first, answer any unresolved questions, and if you still don’t have the answers, use it as an opportunity to start a discussion. You can do this over Twitter, Facebook or even as a discussion in a relevant LinkedIn group. Secondly, turn great questions and resounding replies into blog posts or FAQs-themed whitepapers.

• Social Media: If you incorporated social media into your webcast, continue the engagement using publicized hashtags to share your repurposed webcast content. Don’t be afraid to have fun on these platforms. Turn resonating quotes into funny memes, or embrace a flub by turning it into a GIF for snackable social content.

You can extend the reach of your web event before it even happens. Leverage that promotional period to send out press releases, emails, social media posts and more.

Webcasts deliver so much potential for lead generation that it’s all the more important to create compelling content, choose a spectacular speaker and collect original data. You’ll also want to use the best webcasting solution available to make sure nothing goes wrong on the technical side.

Take your webcasts to the next level with iMeetLive®, PGi’s cloud-based webcasting solution. Get a free trial before your next thought leadership presentation or product launch.

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