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Great Mobile Meetings

How to Use Mobile Meeting Apps for Team Building and Collaboration

Mobility is a hot topic in today’s workforce. When a business empowers its employees to go mobile, they gain flexibility and productivity, but it also creates some challenges. How do you maintain a sense of collaboration when workers are spread across the country? How do you foster team building when team members have meet face-to-face?

Enter mobile meeting apps. The vast array of apps available to mobile workers means that collaborating across distances can be just as effortless as launching Facebook or Twitter. Here are some ways your team can utilize mobile meeting apps to collaborate and facilitating team building within your remote workforce.

Document Collaboration During Mobile Meetings
Even with conferencing solutions pseudo-extending into the mobile space,
workers meeting on the go have to sacrifice important features for the convenience of mobility. Sure, you could hop on a conference call from a mobile iPad® app and maybe see the list of participants, but beyond that? You just joined a glorified conference call.
iMeet and GlobalMeet by PGi have fixed this age-old mobile problem. Both iMeet HD and GlobalMeet HD enable full-featured host experiences on your iPad. Tablet hosts can share, present and annotate files from shareable content libraries, allowing for powerful group document collaboration even on the go. And users enjoy a “one-click and you’re in” experience that makes mobile meetings easier than ever before. The Power of Mobile Video Quite possibly the simplest fact of human communication is that it goes beyond wimages_1ords. Our expressions, our hand gestures, our eyes — all of these aspects form a powerful and complete picture of the ideas we’re trying to convey. Unfortunately, these things are lost when you’re dealing with remote teams scattered across the country or the globe. They don’t have the benefit of the spontaneous personal story or the expertly told joke that in-person coworkers do, and those are the types of moments that can really solidify the bonds between members of a team.images_how_2Luckily, iMeet® is here to help. iMeet on your desktop has always offered a personal video experience with support for up to 15 simultaneous webcams. But now iMeet HD gives mobile workers the ability to meet on video from wherever they are. The flexibility afforded by mobility and BYOD means that a quick face-to-face is never more than a tap or two away.

Collaborate Wherever and Whenever
One of the best ways to foster team-building is to get your team out of the confines of the office and into some stimulating new surroundings. This could be as elaborate as a team retreat or as simple as heading out for a working lunch.

Mobile meetings apps make this practice easier than ever, letting you have full-featured virtual meeting experiences from absolutely anywhere — on any device. Tired of that mundane weekly status meeting? Have all your employees grab a latte at their local coffee shop and have your meeting remotely on iMeet Mobile for iPhone®. Want to share this week’s best YouTube video with a telecommuting colleague? Share it right from your iPad meeting app to build camaraderie. Need to meet with a customer, even though you’re stuck on the tarmac? Turn on your iPad webcam and start an iMeet meeting. With today’s great mobile apps for team building and collaboration, great face-to-face mobile meetings are only a Wi-Fi zone away.

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