Human Resources: Effective Meetings with Web Conference Calling

Submitted by: PGi Blogger

Human Resources departments in our digital era must deal with software, technology and remote workers to serve a multi-national employee community. And when PGi SVP Alison Sheehan was faced with a global HR software upgrade and User Acceptance Testing, her global team relied on web conferencing technology in her guest blog, “Life in Human Resources is Easier with GlobalMeet.”

Ms. Sheehan shares her step-by-step instructions to help HR professionals everywhere avoid expensive, time-consuming travel and costly productivity loss. To meet online and enhance efficiency, she used GlobalMeet’s multifaceted web and audio conferencing interface to seamlessly review the project plan, map processes, test the software and rollout the changes.

“We had our webcams on so we could see each other smiling, frowning, talking. We were actually in our own base locations, tending to our customers, meeting our other deadlines, saving the travel budget for other needs,” Ms. Sheehan wrote. Learn more about the hands-on HR benefits of GlobalMeet web conference and conference calls in Ms. Sheehan’s original blog, “Life in Human Resources is Easier with GlobalMeet.”

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