GlobalMeet Web Conferencing

Identifying Your Enterprise Web Conferencing Needs

Your enterprise organization contains a bevy of experts and resources that, without collaboration, remain largely untapped. Like most enterprises today, you must have collaboration solutions like web conferencing to expand collective knowledge, speed up business processes and give your business a competitive edge.

To achieve these new goals, though, your enterprise needs to connect with internal and external collaborators on a global scale. You need to meet across time zones and build relationships across departments as well as with business partners and clients, all while providing the utmost reliability and speedy service.

When identifying your enterprise web conferencing needs, you also need to consider these business and technology trends that no enterprise can ignore:

  • Users want choice: If you want to get the most out of your investments, you need better user adoption, and today, users want more choices. So what does this trend mean for your enterprise web conferencing needs? Your web conferencing solution must have mobile support for users choosing to telecommute or partake in BYOD, bundles that fit the needs of every line of business and browser-based web conferencing to control what users download.
  • Complex infrastructures demand simplicity: When identifying your enterprise web conferencing needs, you need to identify the features and qualities that will yield the most seamless solution for your complex enterprise infrastructure. You need cloud solutions that lighten bandwidth usage and seamless integrations with other enterprise communications applications.
  • IT now operates bimodal: Your enterprise IT team must balance two initiatives now: progressing the enterprise towards innovation and maintaining operational excellence. Your web conferencing solution must constantly evolve to keep up with the changing pace of collaboration, as well as offer enterprise-class security, redundancy and dependent audio. And what the success of this trend really depends on most is your web conferencing provider.

Remember, when you’re pinpointing the best solution, you’re assessing the provider as well as the product. The web conferencing provider you choose should have the proven experience and expertise you need to integrate web conferencing into complicated infrastructures, deploy solutions on a global scale and offer custom solutions to your unique challenges.

PGi’s GlobalMeet® offers a secure, IP-based, global web conferencing platform and over 25 years of experience working with large enterprises to back it up. Download The Buyer’s Guide to Web Conferencing today to learn more about how PGi provides the best in the industry for your enterprise’s web conferencing needs.

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