iMeet vs. GlobalMeet: Which Conferencing Solution Is Right for You?

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With the wide variety of web conferencing and video conferencing solutions available today, businesses have the luxury of tailoring their tools to meet the specific needs of their teams. What works for Sales might not work for Marketing, and IT almost certainly has different needs than the C-suite.

But with all of the available features out there, how do you know which conferencing tool to choose? And how do all of these bells and whistles actually help you get work done?

iMeet® and GlobalMeet® are two of PGi’s premiere conferencing solutions, both embodying a wide variety of features that can help meet the collaborations needs of any team or department. While there’s certainly some overlap in the use cases for both solutions — remote teams, mobile workforces, companies with a global reach, etc. — both products have unique features that can fulfill the needs of your team.

For this reason, we wanted to compare iMeet vs. GlobalMeet features so that you can find the conferencing tool that’s best for your unique collaboration needs.

Real-Time Collaboration

If you’re on a team that’s spread across the country (or the world, for that matter) and constantly reviews and collaborates on documents together, consider GlobalMeet. This tool includes features for online presentations, screen sharing, file sharing, chat and even Q&A polling to keep your team engaged.

GlobalMeet is perfect for creating highly-effective and engaging experiences with a larger group of people and provides the tools you need for better presentations. The whiteboarding tool is great for visual brainstorming because it lets hosts and guests draw and diagram together in a shared space. This feature also extends to presentation sharing, where a host can enable annotations directly onto a PowerPoint or PDF for his or her guests.


A Game of Numbers

A simple question to ask when deciding between iMeet and GlobalMeet: how many people need to be in your online meetings?

iMeet supports HD video for 15 participants, making it perfect for small teams and regular or spontaneous meetings. However, you can connect and collaborate with up to 125 people in your own custom meeting room.

GlobalMeet lets you meet with up to 125 people on PGi’s global audio network, making it perfect for larger teams, meetings involving multiple teams, training sessions and more. The Active Speaker technology switches dynamically between webcams based on who is speaking.


True Face-to-Face Experience

While GlobalMeet allows 125 users to all use webcams and switches between them dynamically, iMeet’s innovative cube interface is great for creating truly personal interaction.

With iMeet, users’ webcams are visible simultaneously, putting everyone on equal footing. This makes it an ideal conferencing tool for things like interviewing candidates or one-on-ones between managers and direct reports. Whether you’re in the office or on-the-go, iMeet’s HD quality video gives a crystal clear, face-to-face meeting experience for every video conference. When a video call isn’t necessary, you can chat with contacts, share files from an integrated file cabinet and make voice calls.

Going Social

If you’re a social media maven, or simply like the opportunity of checking out your coworkers’ or prospects’ LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter accounts, iMeet offers direct social media integration in guests’ cube profiles. iMeet-Desktop-and-Mobile During an iMeet meeting, you’re never more than a couple of clicks away from adding a new connection on LinkedIn or following a new Twitter account to engage directly with your guests.

Even outside your meetings, iMeet embraces social with the iMeet Community, an online forum where iMeet users can get solutions to problems, learn more about how to make the most of iMeet and even get insights on how iMeet can help you meet your business goals.

Embrace Mobility

As more and more companies embrace a mobile workforce, the need for dependable and robust mobile conferencing solutions is absolutely paramount. Luckily, both iMeet and GlobalMeet provide powerful mobile applications for iPhone® and iPad®, with GlobalMeet also providing a native app for BlackBerry. All of the PGi mobile apps provide an innovative experience for guests and hosts, allowing hosts many of the same privileges they enjoy on the desktop versions such as sharing files and guest management.

Are you interested in trying iMeet or GlobalMeet to see the benefits for yourself? Try iMeet for free or request a free GlobalMeet demo!

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