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Integrating a Smart Calendar into Your Online Meetings

A busy day filled with imminent deadlines and back-to-back meetings may be a normal day for you. If it is, you may struggle with trying to keep up with all of the day’s activities. Remembering different phone numbers, passcodes and meeting locations can quickly become overwhelming.

So, why not use a smart calendar that can help keep you organized and remember all of your meeting information? Agenday, a free smart calendar app, can help you take control of your day.

Try these 4 ways to integrate Agenday into your next online meeting:

  1. Dial into any conference call

Every conference call has its unique dial-in numbers and passcodes. Don’t waste your time trying to remember where you wrote down all the different numbers. Agenday automatically pulls your conference information and gives you one-touch entry to your online meeting.

  1. Learn more about your meeting attendees

Every once in a while, you are scheduled to meet with someone for the first time. Agenday analyzes your calendar and shows you information relevant to your day, including the LinkedIn profiles of your meeting participants. With this smart calendar app, you no longer have to wonder if you selected the right Lauren Williams out of the 20 different possibilities. After scanning your calendar, Agenday will automatically pull the right profile.

  1. Stay on schedule

It’s common for meetings to run over. However, when it does, it may cause you to show up late to your next meeting. If you’re running late, it’s best to update other meeting attendees so they are aware of your delayed status. With one touch, you can send a smart message via Agenday, which allows you to message all meeting attendees.

  1. Connect with Salesforce

Save time by using Agenday to log your sales calls and add contacts directly into your Salesforce premium account. And this is a free integration meaning no in-app purchases are required.

Agenday provides a perfect solution for workers who have a lot going on and are always on the go. The smart calendar keeps you organized and help you maintain your productivity throughout the day.

Are you interested in learning more about the free mobile calendar app? Download it today at the App Store or Google Play.