Interview on the Benefits of Virtual Interviewing and Video Conferencing for HR

Online interviewing is a trend on the rise, and HR is constantly having to reinvent itself to keep up with modern technology trends. Tools like web and video conferencing have transformed the possibilities for traditional human resources activities such as interviews, onboarding, orientation, benefits presentations and more. Consider the following stats from PGi’s Online Job Interviews infographic:

  • Online job interviews have increased by 49% since 2011;
  • 66% of candidates prefer to use video during the interview process;
  • 6 in 10 HR managers use video to interview candidates; and
  • Up to 93% of communication is non-verbal, giving video interviews a significant advantage over traditional phone interviews.

On the PGi Blog, I recently had the opportunity to interview Kim Pettibone, a 20+ year HR veteran who has seen first-hand the efficiency gains that collaboration technologies can bring to the hiring process. An excerpt from the interview appears below:

Josh Erwin: In today’s era of virtual connections, how has technology such as web conferencing affected the recruiting process?

Kim Pettibone: Efficiency gains! There’s nothing like connecting with someone live, virtually. It may be a virtual connection, but it’s as live as you can get, and sometimes it’s even more telling than a face-to-face interview.

* * *

JE: Has a virtual interview ever revealed things about a candidate that you wouldn’t have gotten through just a phone interview?

KP: We’re a technology company, so comfort level with technology is something we’re always on the lookout for, particularly for our sales teams. When we’re interviewing to fill multiple sales positions, we’ll invite candidates into live iMeet® sessions to chat with sales leaders. The ones that are the most comfortable with virtual communication and tools will come in early, set up their profiles, try out the VoIP connections and other features, etc. People who have the aptitude for it will really get into the thick of things.

To read the full interview, visit the PGi Blog!

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