Love Your Office

Love Your Office, Wherever It Is: Telecommuting, Cubicle or Flex Working

The Work from Anywhere phenomenon is upon us. With the evolution to in the cloud mobile computing tools and remote business applications, we can pretty much work anywhere — anytime. Today’s business world has digital nomads traveling the seven seas, telecommuters at home in pajamas and traditional cubicle dwellers. The trick to worklife success is decking out your environment so you can love your office, wherever it is.

Cubicle Nation

  • Make your cubicle personal. The three walls of your office cubby are your home away from home 2,000-plus hours every year. But it doesn’t have to be all dust and brown walls. Decorate your cubicle to improve your morale and spark fun conversations with customers. Here are some tips to decorate your cube.
  • Turn on your webcam. Today’s employee communities are spread all over the world and traditional office workers miss out on personal, face-to-face interactions with customers, colleagues and vendors. But by just turning on your webcam in a video conference solution like iMeet, cubicle workers can make better personal connections, improve productivity and become virtually mobile — all from the cube.
  • Take a break — digitally. Cubicle work is tricky. It’s incredibly simple to lapse into a cubicle comma, waking up from computer-staring to realize you missed lunch. Office success and happiness comes from taking a break – and cyberloafing is the new productivity boost. Ask your boss and IT department to let you jump on Facebook or hit up that online shoe sale — after all, social media is the new (healthier) smoke break.

Occupy Home Office

  • Get into a groove. In stark contrast to the Cubicle Nation, home office workers — aka teleworkers — can fall into a comfortable trap by sleeping in, hanging out in their PJs and alienating themselves from the outside world. For work-at-home success, don’t! Set your alarm, shower, don business casual gear and connect with your teammates every day.
  • Set the professional stage. As web conference calls and video conferencing become more popular, the old ratty hair and sweats days are over — and it’s for the best. If you don’t have a specific room appointed as an office, find a quiet, well-lit, uncluttered spot in your home to be your “office,” complete with desk, computer and other accoutrement. And use technology to your advantage, from mobile apps, online meetings tools and VPN applications.
  • Call a timeout. Every teleworker should demand a Bill of Rights to avoid getting stuck in the 24-hour office news cycle. Your office phone is your home phone. Your email is just right there. Stop! Call a timeout — you deserve it as much as your cubicle brethren. Take a walk, chat up your coworkers and make every weekend a vacation — no work allowed.

Road Warriors

  • Simple, social, mobile. Digital nomad success is all about having all the right tools to do your job from anywhere — and it all has to fit in your travel bag. As PGi digital nomad Cora Rodenbusch says, “What was once a nice-to-have is now a must-have-to-keep-my job necessity.” Check out her fave simple, social and mobile tool for connecting with anybody, anywhere, on any device: GlobalMeet.
  • Road warriors snag an hour of quality WiFi time wherever and whenever they can get it. Knowing the coffee shop rules makes it easy to enjoy some quality Internet time and even a cappuccino.
  • Take the “work” out of your vacation. It’s easy to slip into the working groove during evening and weekend sightseeing in your current time zone. While workations are a great way to balance work and fun when you’re on the road, make sure you take some time to relax.
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