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What to Expect from the Lync to Skype for Business Transition

The business world is buzzing with news that Microsoft® Lync® Online, long a cornerstone for corporate communications, will no longer exist. Now, Microsoft is rolling out a brand new version of Lync called Skype for Business.

So what’s the impact to your bottom line? That’s what every business wants to know after investing so much into Lync and making it a critical component of every line of business.

Here’s what to expect from the Lync to Skype for Business transition.

What’s happening?
Lync Online is changing to Skype for Business Online. This impacts every existing client and feature of Lync Online:

  • All existing Lync 2013 and Lync Online clients will transition to Skype for Business clients (expectedly by the end of May).
  • The Lync Web app is changing to the Skype for Business web app.
  • The Lync admin center is changing to Skype for Business admin center.

What are the benefits?
The transition marries the user-friendly, familiar interface of popular consumer brand Skype with the business functionality and security of Lync. The move primes the product to be even more clean and simple to use to ensure a better user adoption, which in turn ensures a better return on investment for companies.

In addition, users can now connect via audio and video to the Skype network, which offers a global reach. Workers are no longer limited to connecting just within their own organization and can now search and connect with users both inside and outside their work network.

Although the Lync experience is changing, business users still have full access to existing Lync features—none of Lync’s features are lost. The entire, expanded feature set (instant messaging, one-click video, audio calls, file transfer, presence) is built in to Microsoft Office® applications.

How does this impact deployment or existing infrastructures?
Like many Lync Online users, your company likely relies on the unified communications (UC) platform for daily business activities. Now that everything’s changing, it’s more important than ever that you have a complete understanding of how to deliver the value of Skype for Business on a global scale.

Modality Systems

And you don’t have to be an instant expert to do that. Modality Systems, a PGi company, was recently named an elite launch partner for Microsoft Skype for Business and is ready to help you navigate the entire UC journey within this new platform.

Learn more today about the transition and be sure to check out PGi’s Lync audio conferencing capabilities.

Did you know that Microsoft Lync Online is now Skype for Business? The newest version of Lync blends the familiarity and love of Skype with the enterprise security, compliance, and control of Lync.

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