Making a Mobile Presentation has Never Been Easier

Submitted by: Josh Erwin

As recently as a few years ago, working from a mobile device meant willfully sacrificing functionality in online meetings. You couldn’t see or present files, you couldn’t drive or host the meeting—you were essentially a glorified participant. Not to mention the fact that actually managing and accessing your files from your smartphone was a challenge in and of itself.

Thankfully, through application and hardware innovation in recent years, mobile meetings and mobile presentations have never been easier. Through a variety of presentation tools, cloud storage apps and intelligent online meeting applications, you can present your slide deck from anywhere you choose and truly collaborate with your team, regardless of your device of choice.

Full-Featured Mobile Presentation Tools

Long-gone are the days when remote meeting participants were resigned to simply listening and speaking. Today’s online meeting tools allow you to view and share webcams, invite users on the fly, host meetings and more.

For mobile presentations, you can access your meeting tool’s cloud file library from any of your devices and present the file of your choice. You can even pass control to your guests if another participant needs to add a little color to your preso. Mobile presentations aren’t playing second fiddle anymore; this is a full-fledged collaboration experience.

Cloud Storage to Bring Your Files With You

File management on mobile devices was initially a big hurdle. There wasn’t an elegant way to manage, organize and share files between your devices without digging through your email. Fortunately, the boom in cloud storage applications—Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, et al—has made it easier than ever before to sync all of your important files across your various devices. This means your preso follows you wherever you go, without having to remember to download it or prep it beforehand.

Create and Share Without Leaving Your Tablet

Even as online meeting tools and cloud storage have facilitated presenting from a mobile device, there was still the prerequisite of actually creating the presentation on a desktop or laptop. Like it or not, at some point a traditional PC was going to have to enter the equation.

Now, with tools like Haiku Deck, even that problem has been solved. In mere minutes, you can create beautiful, engaging slide presentations directly from your iPad®, and then present in iMeet®! Here’s a quick how-to:

  1. Using Haiku Deck, create your beautiful, killer presentation.
  2. Email the presentation as a PPT to your iMeet room.
  3. Open your file cabinet, click present and voila!

Interested in exploring your own mobile presentation ideas? Check out Haiku Deck and try a free trial of iMeet today!