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Mobility for Sales Brings New Meaning to “Always Be Closing”

In the famous and oft-quoted scene from the film Glengarry Glen Ross, Alec Baldwin delivers a sales mantra: “ABC,” or “Always Be Closing.” At the time, it referred to an aggressive, borderline-manipulative set of sales tactics that focused on persistence above all else. Understandably, while ABC may still have its place in certain industries today, the sales climate has changed considerably, and that level of persistence and aggression can sour your prospects quickly.

However, the idea of “ABC” can take on a new meaning in today’s hyper-connected mobile world. Work is no longer a place, and sales people no longer have to physically be in their prospect’s office to build, nurture and develop relationships. Mobility for sales is bringing new meaning to “Always Be Closing,” where you can further the sales cycle anywhere, anytime and on any device:

Always-on Connectivity

Smartphones and tablets keep sales people dialed-in to the happenings in their company, their prospects’ companies and their existing client’ companies without forcing them to be tied to a desk. Mobile-accessible CRMs, company intranets and file collaboration and storage applications give mobile sales forces access to all of their customer information and sales collateral regardless of where they are. And with contextually intelligent apps like Agenday, offering meeting reminders and one-touch conference access, sales can effortlessly stay connected and never miss an important client meeting.

Social Selling

Social media has become one of the best tools for sales, with older methods like cold calling falling almost completely out of favor; 97% of cold calls today simply do not work. Social media offers a less intrusive way to research and engage prospects, and offers your sales team members a chance to build their own social brand and expertise by sharing relevant content to their industry, product or service. And of course, social media is inherently mobile, with all of the major networks making huge investments in developing mobile applications. A whopping 75% of B2B purchasing decisions are influenced by social media, demonstrating the awesome new sales power of social.

Web and Video Conferencing

Mobile online meeting tools like iMeet® and GlobalMeet® give you unprecedented access to clients and prospects, wherever your work may take you. You don’t have to settle for a quick call or an email when you’re on-the-go; you can have fully featured online meetings with file- and screen-sharing, webcam video conferencing and more, all from your mobile device of choice. That, in essence, is the new “ABC;” with collaboration literally in the pockets of sales, there are no physical or technological barriers to closing more deals.