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Presentation Tool Highlight: Prezi

In our never-ending quest for cooler, more effective and more engaging presentation ideas, we here at PGi love trying out new and innovative presentation tools. Today’s tool is Prezi, one of a number of tools out there today that seek to reinvent the presentation as we know it, leaving boring PowerPoint presentations and mind-numbing slides in the dust.

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The Power of Zoom

The first thing you’ll notice when you view your first Prezi is that instead of being slide-based, Prezis are more like interactive visual maps; instead of flipping from one rectangle of information to the next, Prezis dynamically zoom and pan around the map to highlight new information.

The effect of the zoom is to create a much more visually engaging and dynamic presentation, as your ideas literally fly in and out of view. You can also embed images and videos directly into your Prezi to add more visual panache.

Create Visual Metaphors

Another benefit of Prezis creative layouts is that you can demonstrate in a more natural way how ideas relate to one another. Ideas are rarely linear. They branch, ebb and flow from one another, and Prezi lets you visually show those relationships (occasionally with literal branches).

Prezi frees you from linearity and allows your ideas to grow and develop organically, exactly how they work in your head.

Collaborate, Share and Sync

Prezi doesn’t force you to work alone. You can invite collaborators to view and edit your Prezi with you in real-time, and all of your Prezis are synced to the cloud across all of your devices, meaning you and your team can work together on a Prezi whether you’re across the hall or across the country.

Prezi also features a thriving community of presentations and presenters in their website’s “Explore” section. While you’re free to use Prezi for private presentations for your company, you can also share your creativity with the Prezi community, or simply browse the Explore section for presentation ideas or reusable templates.

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