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Outlook Etiquette: The New Rule of Scheduling Meetings

Scheduling an important meeting can almost be more work than planning the actual meeting. Finding a time that works for everyone and making sure you included the appropriate information and materials can be a real hassle.

Thanks to the latest technology, planning online meetings has become a lot easier. If you follow these four rules, you can guarantee the process will be much simpler and you can schedule your meetings without getting a headache or becoming a burden to your meeting guests.

Invite the right people
Sometimes it may be tempting to invite an entire department or randomly select individuals to attend your meetings. Take the extra time and go through your list of potential attendees. Only select key decision makers or people who can contribute to the conversation. If you feel that you can’t have the meeting without them, then they need to be on the “required guest list”. If you think others may want to be a part of the discussion but their attendance is not mandatory, invite them as optional attendees. Your meeting guests will appreciate not being asked to attend a meeting that’s optional.

Include all materials

Make sure to include the meeting’s agenda along with any other preliminary materials you may have. Let your guests know ahead of time if you want them to brainstorm ideas, read specific articles or bring anything with them. Not only does this help prepare them for the meeting, but it helps save time. No reason to spend the first 10 minutes telling everyone why they’re there since they will all already know.

Use the right tools
Make your life easier by using an online meeting tool like iMeet®. For your convenience, iMeet is integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Instead of trying to memorize all of your contact information, simply schedule your next iMeet meeting in Outlook. If you choose the iMeet option when scheduling a meeting, an invitation automatically populates with all of your information—your meeting room URL, phone number and audio key. The invite is also compatible with mobile devices. If you’ve already downloaded the iMeet mobile app on your phone, you can join the meeting by simply clicking the link in the invite.

Set up an alert
Sometimes when you’re working on multiple projects, time tends to slip away. It’s very helpful when your computer has an alert pop-up to remind you of a meeting you have in 15 minutes. It gives you just enough time to find a nice stopping spot and save your work before your meeting begins. If you want extra assistance to help keep your meeting guests on time for your next meeting, make sure you add an alert to all of your meeting invitations.

Not only can the right online meeting tool make scheduling meetings easier, but it can also help improve communication, increase productivity and reduce carbon footprint. Would you like to learn more about web conferencing products and how they can help you? Be sure to read our Buyer’s Guide to Web Conferencing.

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