When it Pays to Pay for Conferencing

Some things are better free, like home-grown vegetables or hand-made presents. However, a teleconferencing solution isn’t one of those things. There are countless free web and audio conferencing options. It can be tempting for a small business owner or even an enterprise user to cut costs by utilizing them. However, you get what you pay for. There’s a reason these solutions are free. Some may not provide the professional appearance, quality services and useful collaboration features of a paid web conferencing solution.

  •  Appearance

Whether it’s a start up or an established brand, every business needs to present a professional image to current and potential clients. Many free web conferencing solutions use advertising on the platform to generate revenue. Do you want a client distracted by an ad for shoes while you’re trying to pitch an investment opportunity? Or worse, have a competitor’s sale price appear in a banner ad next to your presentation? Having control over the conference is an important part of a professional presentation. Also, many free services include the word “free” in the URL that you send to a client so they can join. This can potentially present a negative image as it appears your company isn’t willing to invest high quality tools.

  • Experience

The quality of your conference experience should also be top priority. You always want to present a professional image when speaking with clients. Audio bridge quality is critical for clear communication and a successful conference outcome. Many free services have inferior sound quality. You don’t want to deal with patchy sound or spotty video connectivity while meeting with an important prospect. Losing a video feed in the middle of a conference can be highly disruptive and embarrassing. Having your IT team stand by for each conference in case something goes wrong can  end wasting money and resources.

  • Innovative Technology

Modern conferencing isn’t just about calling into a shared phone line. As technology advances and companies continue to spread locations across the globe, digital collaboration becomes more and more necessary. Free solutions typically offer only the basic tools to connect: a no-frills phone conference or one-to-one video connection. True collaboration between teams demands additional capabilities such as multiple participant video chat, sub-conferencing, integrated screen sharing and multi-media event options. These capabilities aren’t given out for free because they require advanced proprietary technology.

Bringing team members together for really productive collaboration is never free. Whether management rents an office, puts on a convention or uses advanced web conferencing, there is a cost associated with giving people the tools they need to create the best results. In many instances it pays to seek out a high-quality conferencing product—even if it requires a fee. 

Would you like to know more about essential web conferencing features that can help empower your workforce so they can work efficiently, securely and on their device of choice? If so, be sure to read our White Paper: The IT Buyer’s Guide to Web Conferencing

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