Presentation Ideas to Make Your Sales Pitch Stand Out

Presentation Ideas to Make Your Sales Pitch Stand Out

Step away from your canned corporate PowerPoint presentation, salespeople of the world! If you’re still showing the same old boring slides to your prospects and customers, you’re behind the times—and the competition.

1. Think outside the PowerPoint box. With amazing presentation tools like Prezi and SlideRocket, it’s time to show your prospects and customers that you’re the pacesetter—not your competitor.

2. Get personal. Your prospects and customers want to trust you with their business, with their very jobs. Incorporate your personal side (cute kids, cuddly pets, funny movies, fave bands) into your presentations to lower prospective clients’ guards and get that deal faster.

3. Move. Sitting in your seat, reading aloud and clicking the forward button does not a presentation make! Don’t be a presentation potato. Move strategically through the room to keep their attention, but be careful of the following no-no’s: the hover, the bubble, the craning neck, the nervous pace and the frenetic walk.

4. Show your products. This might seem like a duh, but sales reps are forever just flipping through still pictures and bullet points without actually showing what their products actually do tangibly. Don’t wait for the demo stage. Actually show how your product/solution works in the meeting. If you can’t take it with you, play a cool video that showcases your product at its best angle.

5. Beef up your roadmaps. There is nothing more yawn-inspiring than an hour-long roadmap presentation. Your prospects and customers want to see the cool, game-changing evolution of your product that makes THEIR JOBS EASIER. Talk about the problems the roadmap will solve, the coolest stuff coming down the pipe and SHOW THEM with cool animations, infographics and videos.

6. Find your signature closing. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT close your presentation with a blah slide that has your contact information on it. If they love your presentation, they will contact you! Brainstorm and define your signature closing: unique giveaway, killer closing line, impactful video, crazy offer or hilarious story. If you do it right, you’ll be the stand out sales rep and product offering.

Remember, sales reps of the world: Your competition is 99% likely to still be stuck in Death by PowerPoint land, torturing prospects with monotony in offices everywhere. Make your presentations cool, new and uniquely you to make a killer first impression every time.


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