PowerPoint presentation

Reinvent Your PowerPoint Presentation

Most of us have attended PowerPoint presentations that seemed to drag on for hours. Each slide is inundated with text and there is just so information being shared that it seems impossible to keep up. These long, boring meetings usually accomplish nothing and just wastes everyone’s time.

It doesn’t have to be like this. You can very easily kick the dull out of your presentations. PGi’s Little Black Book of Presentation Ideas is full of tips and tricks that will help you grab the attention of your audience and leave them wanting more.

  • Choose a theme

A fun, attractive design will instantly help make the presentation look better. A great design will draw your audience in and help drive your argument home. Various elements of a theme include backgrounds, fonts, layouts, images and multimedia.

  • Get personal

Sharing personal information and funny stories are a great and quick way to build rapport and gain trust. Feel free to share pictures of your children and even your pets.

  • Get Virtual

Are you having an online presentation? Make sure you use a state-of-the-art online meeting tool like iMeet. Even though some of your attendants may be miles away, they can still enjoy a great meeting. The crystal-clear HD video helps make your meetings more personal even if everyone is not in the same room. With iMeet, you can still meet face-to-face while you present videos, slides and even social updates.

  • Stand up

Most knowledge workers sit at their desks all day. Instead of making them sit down during one of your meetings, allow them to stand. For meetings that will last less than 30 minutes, have everyone stand around in a circle. Not only does it keep everyone on their toes, but it also helps ensure they are paying close attention to the conversation.

  • Do you really need slides?

PowerPoint presentations are extremely effective, but they’re not always needed. Ask yourself if you really need your slides. You are the star of your presentation and sometimes slides can take away from that. If you feel slides will not add any additional value to your presentation, feel free to ditch them.


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