Presentation Ideas: What Social Media Teaches Us About Meetings

Presentation Ideas: What Social Media Teaches Us About Meetings

Social media is changing the world around us. With over 1 billion users on Facebook alone, business are struggling to tame the social beast within their companies and capitalize on social publicly. And as social networking creeps into businesses everywhere in the form of social-fied intranets, crowdsourcing, customer service communities, corporate social accounts and LinkedIn recruiting, it was inevitable that social media would also creep into our meetings. So, just what does social media teach us about meetings — and can it make our meetings better?

We want to share.

The social media activity worldwide is mind blowing:

  1. 1 billion Facebook users, 42 million pages and 9 million apps
  2. 4 billion views per day on YouTube
  3. 400 million registered users on Google+
  4. 175 million LinkedIn users
  5. 140 million Twitter users


And the most popular thing shared? Photos. Use this social media factoid for a great presentation idea in your next sales meeting or share a funny pic during a weekly online meeting. Everyone will be glad you shared.

We want to build relationships.
Social media is all about relationships, from connecting with friends on Facebook to building professional connections on LinkedIn. In business meetings, we often get down to business and skip the small talk. And that’s bad. Social teaches us that people are lonely and want to connect more often. Why shouldn’t we take the social cue and get to know the people we’re meeting with?

We want to be a real person during online interactions.
Social media gives people an identity and a voice in the great big World Wide Web. We share our names, birthdays, favorite apps, pictures, personal news and inspiring quotes. When in a web conference or video meeting, why should be just a beep on the line? By integrating social media-like tools into online meetings, like chat, bios and pictures, we become real people online — not just a number.

We want puppies, kittens, babies, sports and customized backgrounds.
One of the most common mistakes we see in meetings is the blank gray web conference screen or dull PowerPoint presentation. Presentation-Ideas-Social-MediaAccording to Marketing Psychology, puppies, kittens, babies and sports are the top four most viewed images in social media and advertising today. And if we love them in our everyday lives, why not integrate them into our meetings to get the same reaction? It doesn’t have to be cheesy, but if you open with pics of your kids (or canine kids), you’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand.

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Images courtesy of Go-Digital Blog, The Daily Puppy and iMeet Community.

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