Business Presentation

Our Visual Society: Presenting to the 21st Century Prospect

When presenting to your prospects, it’s important to maximize your visual impact through skilled usage of visual aids and video. The 21st Century’s social media driven, technology powered society has turned us all into visual creatures. We’re spending our days on Facebook, cataloguing our lives on Instagram and even watching our favorite shows and movies on our smartphones and tablets on Netflix. We’re bombarded with visual stimuli, day in and day out, in our personal and professional lives — so how do you rise above the noise and stand out to your prospects?

In PGi’s latest eBook, “The Little Black Book of Presentation Ideas,” there are some surprising statistics about the impact an old, boring presentation can have on your audience. Did you know that 32% of audience members have fallen asleep during a boring presentation? Or that 20% would rather go to the dentist than sit through a string of PowerPoint slides?

Whether you’re in inside sales, meeting your clients over the phone or webcam video, or if you’re out meeting prospects face to face, your goal is to build relationships and be memorable. The next time you’re presenting to prospect, try one of these tips to maximize your visual impact:

1. Meet on Video
Modern, intuitive web conferencing tools like iMeet® make it incredibly simple to get in front of potential customers face-to-face without the time commitment of an in-person meeting. Within seconds, you can have a personal video interaction, which build much stronger relationships than phone calls alone. And best of all, the ease of meeting on video means you can get in front of more prospects more often, increasing your visibility and shortening your time to close.

2. Craft a Killer Deck
Presentation decks and slideshows can still be powerful selling aids, but you’ve got to be mindful of some tips and tricks to avoid your prospects succumbing to Death by PowerPoint. Keeping your presentation short and sweet, including relevant data points to build trust and crafting impactful, succinct slides to avoid overloading your audience with information are all simple ways to ensure an impactful presentation.

3. Think Outside of the Slide
Sometimes, the traditional slide deck doesn’t provide enough innovative visual impact to match the personality of your prospect, the tone of your product or even your own style. In recent years, several dynamic new presentation applications and methods have emerged, giving users a wealth of new ways to tell their story. Tools like Prezi®, SlideRocket™ and SlideShare® provide creative tools, collaboration options and social sharing methods to take your sales pitches to the next level.

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