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Presentation Tool Highlight: Haiku Deck

In our never-ending quest for cooler, more effective and more engaging presentations, we here at PGi love trying out new and innovative presentation tools. Today’s tool is called Haiku Deck, a free presentation creator for the iPad® and iPad Mini. Haiku Deck’s intuitive, beautiful mobile interface allows even presentation novices to quickly and easily create impactful presentations – and share them with the world.

Simple and Beautiful

Haiku Deck’s mobile interface is incredibly easy to use. You can easily add slides, text and imagery and even generate charts with just a few taps.

Stop Hunting for Images

If you make a lot of presentations, you know the pain of hunting for the perfect background image to engage your audience. Haiku Deck takes all of the guesswork out of this process by automatically providing you with high-quality Creative Commons imagery for your slides based on keyword searches. Giving a presentation about meetings? Haiku Deck will provide you with “meetings” imagery and even provide the proper attribution.

Share and Track Your Presentation

Once you’ve created a killer Haiku Deck preso, you can publish it to their web gallery under a variety of privacy settings. From there, you can track views, download a PDF handout, export to PowerPoint® or Keynote® and easily share to your social networks.

Get Inspired

The simple, straightforward elegance of Haiku Deck presentations are on display in their Gallery, a collection of the best and brightest Haiku Deck creators. Viewable on their website or from within the iPad app, the Gallery is the perfect place to get a little inspiration for your next presentation idea or just learn something new.

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