Sales Presentation Software

Presentation Tools to Collaborate & Create Better Sales Pitches

Crafting a sales pitch is a key component to becoming a successful sales professional. Modern effective sales pitches require collaboration and conversation—a two-way street between you and the buyer, listening to their concerns and offering them tailored solutions.

Knowing this, creating an effective sales pitch may require some collaboration with your peers. Instead of relying on traditional methods – like practicing in the mirror – here are some presentation tools that can help you work with your peers to create a great sales pitch:

Online meeting tools, like PGi’s iMeet®, are great presentation tools to use if you’re preparing a sales pitch for a prospect. After you’ve crafted your presentation, log into your iMeet® room to record yourself with both video and audio so you can see where the strengths and weaknesses lie in your presentation. You can then access your recordings in your iMeet files for future reference.

Take your practice to the next level with real-time interaction. Use your iMeet room to video conference a colleague or sales leader before your client meeting. Present your pitch and ask them for critiques on your body language and tone. Because body language is important when making first impressions, this is a great exercise to critique your natural reactions to questions during your pitch.


Team workspace tools are easy ways to make sure you’re keeping up with the latest marketing and product messaging. Among various other uses, these spaces are designed to upload documents, like product and marketing materials, to help sales professionals stay aligned with a company’s messaging and goals.

Use this database to help build your pitch with useful information like product specs, unique selling points and benefits and tailor them to your buyer’s needs. Have questions or need ideas? Some team workspace tools, like iMeet® Central, have the ability to create discussions, so you can work collaboratively with your team members in the workspace, instead of flooding your inbox with email threads.

Smart calendar apps are designed to keep you organized. As a sales professional, your schedule is probably packed with meetings with prospects and clients. Use a smart calendar app, like PGi’s Agenday®, to ensure you’re never late for a pitch again. You can also log your calls straight into Salesforce from the Agenday app to streamline the sales process. You’ll be able to keep track of contacts, make notes about your conversation and record where the prospect is in the business process inside Salesforce.

Harness the benefits of technology and collaborate with your peers to create a better sales pitch by using these presentation tools. Want to learn more about the new era of sales and how you can continue to use technology to improve your sales process? Download PGi’s new free eBook, Join the Social Sales Revolution: Your Guide to the New Way to Sell.

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