Quiz: What's Your Work Style? Telework, Office or Flexible Worker

Quiz: What’s Your Work Style? Telework, Office or Flexible Worker

Originally published on blog.worksnug.com

Have you always wondered if you’re cut out for life on the road or telecommuting? Digital nomad Cora Rodenbusch’s “What’s My Work Style” quiz helps you match your personality to the best work arrangement.

I work best when…

  1. I’m surrounded by my team.
  2. I’m alone in peace and quiet.
  3. My headphones are in.
  4. I’m inspired by my surroundings.

When it comes to office hours, I prefer to…

  1. Keep a firm schedule.
  2. Come in early and leave late, allowing for breaks throughout the day.
  3. Stay flexible, adjusting to whatever the day’s duties require.
  4. Keep it fluid by working long hours one day and just a few the next.

I would describe myself as primarily…

  1. Social.
  2. Self-Motivated.
  3. Practical.
  4. Entrepreneurial.

On average, I would rather have ____ over _____.

  1. Predictability/Surprise
  2. Personal Work Space/Communal
  3. Too Many Options/Not Enough
  4. Variety/Routine

A good day in the office involves…

  1. Getting out with the team.
  2. Solid, uninterrupted work.
  3. Having time to work in the coffee shop downstairs.
  4. The unexpected.

When it comes to tech support, I…

  1. Need a lot of help! Thank goodness for the help desk.
  2. Can manage on my own 90% of the time.
  3. Require help occasionally.
  4. Support myself and resolve most issues.

For the results, please read Ms. Rodenbusch’s original article on the PGi Blog: “Digital Nomad 101: Your Guide to Working Outside the Office.” What are your work style quiz results? Did it match your dream work arrangement?

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