Simple Tips to Go Green with VoIP and Cloud Technology - And Cut Business Travel Costs

How to Reduce Business Travel With VoIP and Cloud Technology

Landlines are so old school—so old school that they walk up hill both ways, two miles roundtrip, to a one-room school house. Astounding mobile numbers back it up: there’s an incredible 5.3 billion mobile phone subscribers, and it’s not a surprise that 157 million homes worldwide opt for VoIP phones instead of landlines.

On top of the “cool factor,” social trends, the gaming app phenomenon and remote work convenience, did you know that by using VoIP for meetings instead of old-school telephones you contribute to a better world?

As PGi begins our Earth Day celebration this year, we are thrilled to inform you all that you’re greener than you think if you opt for computer-based audio and voice communications over face-to-face business travel at least once per month. With the incredible innovations in online business meeting and cloud technology, like PGi’s innovative iMeet® video experience, Wainhouse Research predicts that midsize companies could save:

  • $144,000 per year if 10 employees convert 40 percent of meetings to video conferencing.
  • $395,000 per year if 15 employees convert 60 percent of meetings to video conferencing.

With gas prices rising over $4 per gallon, the cost savings is apparent, but just how much are you saving the environment? For every driving mile you save by opting for a virtual meeting technology using iMeet’s “Call My Computer” VoIP technology, you are also saving pollution from our atmosphere.

For example, according to the Mother Nature Network carbon calculator, a one-hour virtual meeting vs. a 60-mile roundtrip drive saves 22 pounds of CO² pollution (and three hours plus $10 in gas cost). And with the proven advantages of video conferencing as meeting supplements, you also improve communication, relationships and productivity with your customers, colleagues, vendors, executives and friends.

So, why not opt for VoIP vs. the drive? It makes environmental (and financial) sense all around.

Interested in going green and reducing business travel costs? Check out PGi’s online meeting tool and cloud technology and start your free trial today.


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