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Save the Planet, One Paper at a Time: Tips to Go Green with Mobile Tablets

Save the Planet, One Paper at a Time: Tips to Go Green with Mobile Tablets

With Earth Day and the global “green” initiatives throughout our world, offices everywhere are trying to implement sustainability practices that are practical, affordable and good for our environment. And for many of us, it’s as easy as turning on our iPad® or tablet — and avoiding the “print” button.

In the PGi blog “Easy Ways Employees Can Turn an Office Green,” PGi green expert Lea Green explains that paper is one of the most common — and avoidable — environmentally unfriendly habits in our corporate world.

“There are both ecological and economic benefits to reducing or eliminating a business’s dependency on paper, and technological advancements are making that shift easier. Scanners can convert a paper document to electronic form, making it easier to store and share. Cloud computing allows archival documents to be scanned and uploaded offsite, thus eliminating the need for space-eating file cabinets and the all-too-familiar hazard of lost or misfiled paper documents,” Green wrote.

Technology makes “paperless” possible with apps like Evernote® for digital note taking and sharing, email, instant messaging services, intranet sites and video conferencing iPad apps for digital collaboration, mobile devices and VPN for remote access, and more. With today’s tablet innovations from tech giants like Apple® and Samsung®, remote collaboration is even more effective thanks to inventive, multi-function apps that make virtual meetings, note sharing, digital communications and collaboration possible — and green.

So next time, instead of printing out that PowerPoint presentation or white paper, just share your documents via email, web meeting or file sharing apps using your tablet device anytime, anywhere. It’s just that easy being green!

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