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The Secret to Successful Meeting Management: Stand-Up Meetings

Stand-up meetings are a simple concept. The idea was for reoccurring meetings to have short, focused meetings to allow each participant to update team members quickly and efficiently. Jack Welch, longtime CEO of GE, was known to walk the halls of GE’s offices and manufacturing locations and have stand-up meetings with executives and frontline workers alike. These stand-up meetings kept us all on our toes, shortened gatherings to 10-minute meetings and saved us all a lot of time (and frustration).

If you are working on an ongoing project with other team members, here are some quick meeting management tips to unlock the secrets to a 10-minute meeting:

  • Pre-arrange a recurring time which works for the whole team.
  • Make sure each team member has a clear list of agenda items to review in advance.
  • Literally stand up to have your meeting. Not only does this help keep the meeting brief and focused, it will give you a bit of exercise.
  • If there are issues which cannot be resolved in the stand-up meeting, either extend the meeting or agree to set another time to meet and discuss that issue.
  • Always set a strict amount of time for the stand-up meeting, generally not more than 15 – 20 minutes.

Meeting face-to-face is not always possible in our increasingly global, digital world. For the best virtual stand-up meetings, learn more about iMeet® video conferencing, which enables face-to-face webcam meetings with a single click of a button and without the complicated, time-consuming downloads that will turn your 10-minute meeting into a 45-minute “who’s there” fest. Try PGi’s free iMeet VRC demo and experience 30 days of virtual stand-up meetings.

Author: Beth St. Paul is a long-time PGi meetings expert, coming to the world’s leading expert in virtual meetings from popular TV network, NBC.

Image courtesy of BeyondLean.

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