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How to Easily Show Videos During a Web Conference

Successful presentations and virtual meetings require one key ingredient: audience engagement. You want the people watching to be inspired, to learn something, to get excited, to get curious, to ask questions and to walk away ready to take action.

In order to wow them, though, you must deliver a rich, interactive, visually appealing presentation, not a stale meeting stuck in boring slides and long outlines. You need out-of-the-box presentation slides, brilliant takeaways and streaming videos to capture the audience’s attention.

However, what’s even worse than slides bursting with bullet points is a meeting host that fumbles with the web conferencing tool and takes up precious time switching from one medium to another. To ensure your multimedia presentation is seamless, here’s the fastest way to show videos during a web conference.

Store Videos in Your File Library
Commonly, you’ll see presentation slides with URL links that the host clicks to open up videos on a separate web browser, but the fastest way to stream videos is by uploading them directly to the file library in your web conferencing tool. This way, you avoid toggling between programs and tabs or locating online videos that may have been removed or relocated.

For example, if you’re using a web conferencing tool like GlobalMeet® by PGi, simply:

  1. Click “File Library” on the meeting toolbar.
  2. Click the plus sign to add a file or folder to your library.
  3. Select your videos, and upload them to the cloud.
  4. During your web conference, just click on the file in your library to instantly stream it in full-screen mode.

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You can also seamlessly add web video links from YouTube and Vimeo directly to your file library to preview and share during a web conference. From the File Library, click “Add a web video,” search for videos by keyword (or paste a video link) and click the plus sign to add the video link to your library. When you’re ready, click the video title to play it right from your web conference without ever leaving the application.

No one gets a bad seat in the house because GlobalMeet offers the same full-featured experience on a mobile device as a desktop, as well as clear, reliable, hybrid audio. That means even your participants watching from rest stops and airport lounges will get a kick out of your latest cat video intermission.

If your current web conferencing tool doesn’t offer that fast, seamless functionality, isn’t it time you looked for a new one? Give your audience a better meeting by trying GlobalMeet free today.

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