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Simple Tips to Improve Your Web Conferencing Experience

With the breadth of features available in today’s web conferencing products, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and confused about all of the options available to you. Even power users who’ve mastered every inch of the latest software product can easily overlook the most basic tips and best practices for getting the most out of your web conferencing experience.

Before your next web conference, be sure to check out these easy tips.

Check Your Equipment Before you Begin
You should never, ever wait for your meeting’s start time to make sure all of your tech is in working order. Over half of online meetings start late due to technical issues, and even though we’ve designed GlobalMeet to be as intuitive as possible, there are still a few things you as the host or guest can do beforehand to ensure the most seamless experience. Make sure your webcam, headset or any other peripheral you’re planning to use is plugged in before the meeting begins to prevent any hardware conflicts. You can also run GlobalMeet’s System Check to ensure your computer meets the minimum requirements and to test your microphone and webcam.

Integrate with Email
Traditionally, web conferencing invites have been difficult to work with at best and impossible at worst. You’re constantly tracking down dial-in numbers, passcodes, audio keys and constantly changing login information. Fortunately, you can integrate your web conferencing experience directly into Microsoft Outlook, allowing you to streamline the invitation process and jump straight into your next meeting with a single click, without having to fumble with numbers and passcodes.

Buy a Headset
One of the primary benefits of today’s web conferencing platforms is the flexibility and power of their feature sets. You can share your screen, present and annotate presentations, submit and manage Q&A or polls, etc. However, something incredibly basic can get in the way of all of this productivity – losing a free hand to holding your phone. Without a dependable, quality headset, you’re forced to juggle a handset while typing or rely on the awkward shoulder grip to pull up the email you were just asked about. Make sure you’ve got a reliable, easy-to-use headset at your disposal before your next meeting to free up your hands; if you’re investing in one yourself, consider a Bluetooth headset that can serve both as your connection to your computer’s VoIP audio and to your smartphone as well.

Learn from Other Users
One of the most important lessons about developing any sort of software or customer solution is that ultimately, no matter how carefully you craft the experience, the users end up using it in smarter and better ways than you ever imagined. They are the best source of tricks, undiscovered bugs and best practices for any software company. Luckily, you can tap into communities of web conferencing users thanks to the increasing prevalence of social business and social collaboration tools. For GlobalMeet, be sure to visit the GlobalMeet Community for user guides, support questions and, most importantly, to engage directly with GlobalMeet users and staff to continue learning and to make the most out of your next web conference.