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In today’s global economy, collaboration is an essential practice that connects colleagues and clients from all over the world. It has the ability to transform ideas into reality and empower your employees.

There are several different ways companies choose to collaborate. Web and video are among some of the most popular conferencing options, but don’t forget about audio—the foundational element. Audio is at the heart of all meetings, everywhere.

Poor audio can kill a conference call before it even begins. To have true collaboration, you must have great audio. How can you share your great idea, argue your opinion or read your status updates to the team if your audio quality is poor? A conferencing software might be able to provide top video and web features, but if the sound is choppy and awful, the conference quickly becomes frustrating and a waste of time.

For the ultimate collaboration experience, we recommend adding web and video conferencing to your audio. By doing so, teams can enhance their meeting experience while staying engaged and increasing productivity.

Best-in-class products like GlobalMeet® and iMeet® offer a single solution for high-quality audio and web/video conferencing. No matter which one you choose, all of our products offer first-class features.

Dial-out feature
No more phone numbers, passcodes or downloads to remember. A single click while using GlobalMeet® and iMeet® will call any phone number you want. In the past, the dial-out feature was more expensive than a toll-free number. However, due to falling rates, it is now one of the less expensive connection options.

Best in class mobility
Since the number of mobile workers is drastically increasing, it’s important to understand their needs and wants. As a result, PGi designed full-featured mobile applications so users can host or join meetings anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Best in the industry
Seeing the need for a better and more efficient audio network, PGi created a state-of-the-art global voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system with audio access points all around the world. Being a part of this network has its advantages for global teams because they can avoid racking up expensive international dialing costs by using local or international toll-free numbers.

Instead of relying on other vendors, PGi wrote all of the software that powering our own audio bridges. This allows for easier upgrades end enhancements. Something our competitors, can’t say.

Easy to use
To help further simplify the user experience, iMeet and GlobalMeet have personal mute buttons and other volume controls integrated into each product. This way, you don’t have to try and remember which code to use to mute your line.

Over the years, audio conferencing has evolved and so has PGi. For more than 20 years, PGi has been making it easier for people to connect around the world. We try to simplify collaboration among employees, customers and partners no matter where they may be geographically located.

With our best-in-class audio technology, you can rest easy knowing your meetings will have the highest quality audio possible.

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