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Step up Your Presentation Game with New Plays for Your Playbook

Football fans around the country are preparing for one of the biggest games of the year. As fans are buying their snacks and planning their watching parties, their favorite football teams are also getting ready. Learning new plays, studying their opponent and practicing will help each team perform their best.

We can learn a thing or two from these professional football players. We can prepare for presentations the same way football players prepare for a big game. Once you establish and execute a good game plan, you will be left with a presentation that’s guaranteed to score big with your audience.

Are you preparing for one of the biggest presentations of the year? Add these new plays to your presentations playbook.

  • Get your head in the game

Know your purpose before you even stand up in front of the crowd. What is your big idea? This idea is the main reason why you’re even giving the presentation. Think of it as your quarterback, and you can’t win without it.

  •  Connect with your fans

It’s so important that you keep the attention of your audience throughout your entire presentation. Don’t clutter your slides with boring visuals or too many words. Tell a story with your presentation. Have a beginning, middle and an unforgettable end. Also, use fun images with various colors to form a deeper connection with your audience.

  • Try some fancy footwork

Sometimes you need to get creative and approach a presentation a little differently. So don’t be afraid to think outside the pocket. Think about ordering food for presentations that might last a little longer and make technology a part of your strategy.

  • Evaluate your past performance

Before your presentation, try and practice in front of a camera. This will help you notice if your timing is off or if you say “umm” too many times. During your actual presentation, you can ask some audience members for honest feedback. Then use that feedback so you can improve your performance for your next presentation.

Remember, your presentation skills are just as important as the information you’re presenting. These new plays will help you walk into your next meeting full of confidence. Don’t worry about fumbling, just go in and do your best.