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Tech Tips for the Perfect Sales Pitch

Technology has revolutionized all aspects of business, and sales is no different. The on-the-go, constantly networking salesperson has benefited immensely from tech tools like smartphones, tablets, mobile apps and web conferencing.

When tailoring a sales pitch for today’s businesses, it’s important to leverage all of the tech tips at your disposal to create the perfect sales presentation.

Webcams: On

Sales productivity software has made it easier than ever before for salespeople to get in front of prospects and customers. Instead of having to make trips out of the office and wrangle numerous schedules, you and your prospect can quickly pop into a tool like iMeet for a face-to-face virtual session. This allows for quicker, more-frequent meetings, keeping you and your product or service fresh on the minds of your prospects.

It’s vitally important though that you turn your webcam on! You’re missing out on invaluable rapport- and relationship-building without the visual component. Webcams are the new firm handshake; turn them on, be seen and be memorable.

Information: Up-to-Date

Departments like Marketing and Sales Enablement work diligently to equip salespeople with the most up-to-date product information, competitive reports, objection handling strategies and more. However, the fast-pace of the modern business world means these types of collateral are constantly updated; last week’s competitive analysis may be missing a key piece of information that can close your next deal.

Be sure all of your collateral is up to date. Utilize mobile apps, cloud storage with automatic syncing or even e-mail to make sure you always have the latest documents at the ready, even while on-the-go.

Slide Decks: Mastered

Whether you’re presenting your sales deck in-person or virtually, your pitch has to be engagingly crafted to capture your prospect’s attention. Utilize presentation best practices and fun presentation ideas to ensure you’re not losing your target’s interest with boring slides and useless data.

And, of course, don’t forget about the technology side. Are you presenting from a tablet? Be sure you’ve downloaded or synced the latest version of your deck and that you’ve tested it out before presenting it to a client. Are you utilizing projectors or other hardware? Make sure you’ve got any cable adapters you might need and there aren’t any potential file type problems. You can never be too careful when you’ve finally been given that chance to pitch!


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