Telecommuting Nomad: Top 5 Mobile Apps for Remote Work Success

Telecommuting Nomad: Top 5 Mobile Apps for Remote Work Success – While Dropbox isn’t exactly ready for Enterprise, it’s undoubtedly a handy cloud application for sharing files with contractors, vendors or remote workers. Your personal Dropbox account can be accessed via the browser or a desktop folder for easy drag/drop file management. Once you’re ready to share a file, invite your guests to view your entire account, a specific folder or an individual document. – Evernote is a cloud app for group and individual note taking or in the words of CEO Phil Libin, it’s our “second brain.” It collects clips of data from websites you’re reading or applications you’re using, and gathers them into categories that can be synced in the cloud and accessed from multiple devices. Whether you’re at a conference or in a weekly status with your team, Evernote can help you organize your thoughts for easy reference in the future. In addition to a robust search component, you can use Evernote offline for an automatic “synch” as soon as you’re back online. – Have you ever struggled to find a good time to meet with a vendor or partner not on your Microsoft Exchange system? According to RIM, who recently purchased, the app is a cloud based, cross-platform calendar management tool that makes it easy for users to share their availability and schedule appointments regardless of their choice of desktop, mobile or cloud-based calendar. – One of the biggest perks of office life is access to conference rooms, however even the best meeting rooms have their limitations – size, style, availability, etc. Plus, there’s a good chance some of your meeting attendees won’t be able to attend in person. iMeet is a cloud-based video conferencing app for your desktop, iPhone or iPad that gives its users 24/7 access to a personal meeting room in the cloud. With the goal to bring the magic of an in-person meeting to a virtual setting, iMeet’s interface and user experience allows the people to take center stage, not the technology, and capitalize on non-verbal communication cues while telecommuting.

Google Docs – Whether you’re using it as a way to access important documents on the road or as a means of document collaboration with your team, Google Docs is one of the most popular public, cloud-based applications. Not only can you and your team access shared documents outside the office but you can literally see changes reflected in real-time. Look for Google’s enterprise version of Google Docs for a more secure experience.


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