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The Most Effective Settings for Online Job Interviews

Video interviews aren’t only changing the way HR recruits new talent, but also the way candidates seal the deal. Now, on top of your wardrobe, punctuality and body language, you need to keep in mind your overall online job interview setting to impart a great first impression.

Thinking about showing your charisma outdoors or your creativity in the coffee shop? Don’t.

Much like your wardrobe choices, settings for online job interviews should never distract from your answers, professional skills and personality. The most memorable part of your interview should be you.

Since you only get one chance to prove yourself to the interviewer, opt for a clean, controlled environment for your video interview. When you’re in control of the background and setting, you can minimize risk and guide the interview to your benefit.

Recruiters often record and share online job interviews, which means any mishaps won’t only be seen by the recruiter on the other end, but potentially also by the head of HR and even the manager and supervisor for the job you want.

Save the fun, personal settings for online meetings once you get the job, and instead stage your interview to create an optimal opportunity for a positive first impression:

-Clean up your background. A blank, neutral wall works wonders, but you can also create a clean background on the spot with a whiteboard or even neutral curtains. You may want to angle the camera on your head and shoulders so not even the desk or table shows. Your killer answers and go-getter attitude should be the focal point, not the clutter on your desk or bookshelf.

-Enhance your lighting. In terms of visuals, lighting is one of the most critical features you may not consider in your online job interview. When lighting goes bad, shadows can create unflattering lines, and bright lights can make you look shiny and nervous. Think like a photographer and sit facing a window so natural light highlights your front. Your video interview lighting should be diffused and never backlit.

-Shut down noise. Any background noise or movements will distract both the interviewer and you. Stop the laundry machine and dishwasher, and don’t forget to silence any noisy reminders on your computer. Keep pets and children out of sight and hearing range so no one ruins your personal elevator pitch.

-Scan for details. Even if you planned an immaculate interview space, a dirty lens or bad camera angle can ruin your staging, and that swivel chair may make you turn nervously during the interview.

-Test your connection. Another reason not to interview at the coffeehouse with free Wi-Fi is your connection speed. A high-speed connection minimizes the chance of experiencing choppy video or audio. Play it safe and hook up your computer to an internet cable at your home or office.

Because of the convenience, cost savings and value of non-verbal communication, video interviews are becoming a crucial aspect of the digital recruiting strategy. Sharpen your skills and learn how to navigate the new era of digital interviews now so you can ace one of the most important meetings of your life.

Learn more secrets for a great video interview with our infographic on Online Job Interviews.


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