Virtual Presentation Ideas

The Power Of Presenting From Anywhere: A Sales Perspective

Salespeople spend a lot of time perfecting their presentation skills, crafting the perfect visual aids and constantly tweaking and honing their pitches to razor-sharp effectiveness. However, until recently, being on-the-go meant sacrificing a key aspect of that presentation, the visuals, for audio-only sales calls.

Fortunately, technology has caught up with the rigorous road warriors. Mobile meeting apps like iMeet® allow you to access your files from the cloud and drive presentations from wherever you are:

Benefit 1: Share and Drive – Wherever You Are
As shown in the video above, mobile meetings aren’t simply about participating anymore. You can host, share files and actually drive presentations in real-time just as effectively as if you were at your desktop or laptop. Being on the road no longer restricts you to audio-only sales calls or huddling in your hotel room for your next video conference. Smartphones and tablets enable the savvy salesperson to make impactful presentations anytime, anywhere.

Benefit 2: Your Files on Any of Your Devices
One of the reasons mobile presentations are so powerful is that a tool like iMeet leverages the cloud to store your files. Once loaded into your cloud file library, your files are available to share from any of your devices, meaning your carefully crafted presentation decks are always at hand.

And even if you’ve forgotten a file, iMeet offers the flexibility to send a file to a unique email address and automatically have it added to your library, meaning great mobile presentations are never more than a tap or two away.

Benefit 3: Share Files with Your Guests and Prospects
Finally, iMeet’s mobile apps make it effortless to distribute your presentation to all of your guests, prospects and team members in your meeting. In fact, you don’t even have to do anything; guests have the flexibility to download files from your library, so your killer presentation deck can continue having impact even after the meeting is over. And you can control which files are visible and able to be downloaded, so you can safely store personal as well as public files in your iMeet library.

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