Three Telecommuting Tips for Global Communications and Social Business

Three Telecommuting Tips for Global Communications and Social Business

PGi’s social community manager Cora Rodenbusch is journeying around the world in a year-long telecommuting experiment. In the PGi Blog, she shares Digital Nomad Tip: Three Rules for Today’s Global Team as she looks for new, better ways to communicate with colleagues across the world.

When it comes to businesses who are also global and have intercultural and continental teams, Cora has three rules:

1. Take advantage of overlap time: With time changes, someone who has colleagues, vendors and customers all over the world will receive email, phone calls and more 24 hours per day.

2. Respect the Big D: Meeting deadlines, in the local country’s time zone, is vital to maintaining customer, colleague and managerial satisfaction while telecommuting abroad.

3. Embrace the facts: Every culture is different so instead of wondering what’s what, just come out and ask them. Communication is vital and Cora’s tips for finding better virtual tools for face-to-face meetings make a difference when connecting with people in different global locations.

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