Tips for Choosing a Lync Audio Provider

Microsoft Lync (now Skype for Business) is one of the most popular unified communications solutions on the market today, thanks to Microsoft’s long history with and dominance in the enterprise software space. The decision goes far beyond the simple nuts and bolts of a deployment. Here are tips for choosing a Lync audio provider, including three key factors that should be evaluated:

1. Trust
Unified communications solutions such as Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business are an increasingly vital way for businesses to connect, collaborate and communicate. Because of their importance, an audio conferencing solution has to come from an equally trusted provider, one that has both a long-standing, successful relationship with Microsoft and the trust of organizations around the world for their audio conferencing needs.

Carefully evaluate an audio provider’s case studies, customer base and reference customers. Are they trusted by organizations that you trust and respect, or that have seen significant success in the marketplace?

2. Expertise
Modern communication and collaboration solutions such as audio conferencing are incredibly complex technologies. The complexity of the networks, infrastructure, security and resilience measures and more all require industry-leading levels of expertise to create seamless and productive collaboration experiences.

Unified communications is too important to your business to work with a provider without extensive expertise connecting diverse businesses with a variety of network setups and requirements. Carefully evaluate your Lync audio provider’s track record and technology leadership to ensure a smooth deployment and usage experience.

3. Support
Finally, it’s important for your Lync / Skype for Business audio provider to complement Microsoft’s Lync support for IT administrators. Because of the key role audio conferencing plays in any meeting, having access to 24/7 end-user audio support will be vital to the success of your unified communications experience. And in an increasingly global economy, your audio solution should offer in-region, in-language help to support global employees, clients and vendors.

For over 20 years, PGi has been a pioneer in collaboration, providing innovative solutions to businesses all over the world for the shaping and advancement of ideas. In addition to PGi’s audio conferencing integration with Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business, we also offer cloud-based web and audio conferencing tools, operator-assisted audio events, and webcasting.

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Did you know that Microsoft Lync Online is now Skype for Business? The newest version of Lync blends the familiarity and love of Skype with the enterprise security, compliance, and control of Lync.

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