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Tips for Selecting a Web Conferencing App

Looking for the best web conferencing app for your mobile team’s collaboration needs? Selecting the right one matters more than you may think.

The phrase “there’s an app for that” really holds true in our digital world where billions of apps have been downloaded to date. Workers can now use mobile apps to complete to-do lists, increase their focus at work, enter data, organize their day, and much more.

However, statistics show that not all apps downloaded to workers’ mobile devices get integrated into their work flows. Smartphone users spend about 42 percent of all app time in a single app, according to comScore’s U.S. Mobile App Report.

This means whatever web conferencing app you choose needs to be intuitive, efficient and simple enough to compete for workers’ time and attention in order to yield high user adoption. An impressive roster of features won’t be enough if they don’t collectively create a superb user experience.

Here are three questions to consider when selecting a web conferencing app:

  1. How much does it limit your meeting experience? Compare the experience and efficiency of a mobile app to its desktop counterpart. Can you still share files and click to schedule new meetings? Can you still see the status of everyone’s audio connections? That user experience should be consistent across your computer, smartphone and tablet. In addition, pay attention to the flow and look of your web conferencing app. A poor design will create navigation challenges, limiting its functionality.
  2. Does the app enhance work flexibility? A web conferencing app shouldn’t just support mobile meetings. It should empower users with the flexibility to work how they want. Smart features to look for include auto-syncing across devices and the ability to transfer meetings to other devices. This empowers the multi-tasking, on-the-go worker to go seamlessly from desktop to smartphone or smartphone to tablet mid-meeting.
  3. Which devices are supported? In our increasingly BYOD workforce, you’ve got to cover all your bases when you’re selecting an app for a group of workers. That doesn’t only mean looking for iPhone-, Android- and BlackBerry-friendly apps but also apps that support tablets and even wearables.

The right app will not only connect your mobile workforce but also boost your productivity. Learn how to use web conferencing apps for better meetings now at PGi.

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