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Top 5 Presentation Tips You Can Use in Your Next Meeting

Presentations happen every day. You may be tasked with presenting information to a few of your colleagues or a room full of potential clients. No matter the content, it’s vital that you quickly capture the attention of your audience and keep it throughout.

There are countless fun presentations ideas you can use to ensure your audience stays engaged. As you’re preparing for your next meeting, try these 5 tips:

1.Use fun images

Since 65 percent of people are mainly visual learners, include fun images and colors in your presentations. Great images serve as visual cues, which helps the audience follow along. The right pictures and colors can influence a person’s emotional reaction and instantly build rapport and trust.

2.Ditch the PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint presentations are effective tools, but are not always necessary. As you’re preparing for your next presentation, ask yourself if you really need to use slides. You may find the answer is no. If you feel slides will not add any extra value to your presentation, don’t use them.

3.Provide several ways to connect

Businesses have gone global. Colleagues and clients are not always going to be located in the same office building or town. You may find yourself communicating with people from all over the world on a daily basis. As a result, it’s a great idea to give people the option to join your meetings virtually. Online meeting tools like iMeet® and GlobalMeet® make it so simple for people to attend meetings from anywhere. Both products integrate best-in-class audio with crystal-clear HD video so you and your guests are able to get together anytime.

4.Tell a story

Who doesn’t love a good story? Instead of simply presenting information, weave a story into your presentation. This will help develop and organize your thoughts. It will also make it easier for others to follow along and remember what you’ve said.

5.Make it interactive

With attention spans only lasting around five minutes, it’s important you keep your audience engaged. Turn the presentation into more of a dialogue by getting feedback and asking questions throughout. In doing so, you will help lighten the mood and make everyone feel more comfortable. Also, by making guests active participants in your conversation, it becomes easier for them to retain the information they’ve learned.

These are just five of many fun presentation ideas. Maybe you’ve seen some of these used or you’ve used some yourself. Do you have any favorites?

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