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Presentation Trend Highlight: PechaKucha

In our never-ending quest for cooler, more effective and more engaging presentations, we here at PGi love keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest and most exciting presentation trends. One of the most popular new presentation ideas is called PechaKucha™, and it’s a fast, engaging and effective way to deliver succinct and impactful information.

20 Images, 20 Seconds

The basis of PechaKucha is presenting 20 images, each for 20 seconds a piece. The kicker is that the slides advance automatically to discourage rambling and to keep the presenter on track.

If you consider some of the downsides of traditional presentations and how easy it is to lose the audience’s interest, the benefits of PechaKucha are immediately apparent. For presenters, the format is predetermined so a lot of the guess work is taken out of building a talk. For the audience, every 20 seconds the slides, and therefore the ideas, advance, meaning it’s easier to stay engaged and attentive.

PechaKucha Nights

Originally started in Tokyo, PechaKucha has spread through the idea of the PechaKucha Night™, which is a gathering where people come together and share talks on any topic in the PechaKucha 20×20 format. These informal get-togethers have reached nearly 700 cities in the world and give anyone a platform to share their work, ideas or whatever they’re passionate about.

Bringing PechaKucha to Work

The 20×20 format brings plenty of opportunity to shake up your business presentations. Project reviews, new idea pitches and more can all benefit from the fast-paced, engaging PechaKucha format.

If you’re looking for ways to energize your presentations or if you struggle with creating slide decks of your own, consider pursuing this new trend in your next business presentation.