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PGi GlobalMeet: Ultimate Tools for the Mobile Professional

Collaboration is essential to today’s modern businesses, and the tools that empower collaboration are constantly evolving and improving to match the needs of the new workforce. Today’s employee is constantly on the go, utilizing their own smartphones, tablets and laptops to meet, work and collaborate from wherever they are. Work is no longer a place, and cloud-based collaboration tools like GlobalMeet® are leading the charge for anytime, anywhere workers.

Upgrades for Laptop Warriors

With GlobalMeet’s recently released 3.3 upgrades, several exciting new features and improvements have been brought to the desktop version of PGi’s popular web conferencing solution, providing laptop warriors with an even more robust set of tools for on-the-go collaboration. One of the most exciting additions in GlobalMeet 3.3 is the adoption of the H.264 video codec, providing high-quality video with much lower bandwidth requirements. In other words, your webcam video will be crisp and clear without bogging down your connection, allowing your teams to experience the benefits of face-to-face collaboration while on the go.

Other improvements include an enhanced video player for better video presentations, logging of Q&A, polls and chat logs directly into your file library and retina display support for high-quality desktop and laptop displays.

For a complete rundown of GlobalMeet’s new features, visit the GlobalMeet Community.

Industry-leading Mobile Apps

The mobile professional is no longer tied to a laptop, however. The explosion of smartphones and tablets across the workforce has redefined how work gets done, with innovative and powerful mobile apps becoming the new standard for remote work. With the number of mobile workers worldwide forecasted to reach 1.3 billion by 2015, businesses of all sizes and across all industries will increasingly rely on mobility solutions to connect their flexible and globally distributed teams.

For PGi, mobility has always been a focus, and GlobalMeet’s mobility offerings are always improving: recently, GlobalMeet arrived on Android™ smartphones, bringing effortless web and audio conferencing to the most popular smartphone platform in the world.

For GlobalMeet, it’s not simply about allowing hosts and guests to join meetings from a mobile device, it’s about providing the same level of functionality, flexibility and ease-of-use regardless of your device of choice. GlobalMeet iPad® users can schedule, host and join meetings, and hosts can even present files right from their tablets.

iPhone®, BlackBerry® and Android users can effortlessly host and join meetings on-the-go, with Auto-Connect audio making dial-in numbers and passcodes obsolete.

The future of work has already arrived, with tablets, smartphones and anywhere work replacing desk phones and 9-5 schedules. In order to keep pace, equip your team with the right collaboration tools to empower mobility and get work done.

Looking for more insights on the pros and cons of mobile work? Download PGi’s latest free eBook, “The Yin + Yang of Telecommuting” today!

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