Unorthodox Tips for Fun Presentation Ideas

What’s worse than sitting through a boring presentation? Hosting a boring presentation. Unfortunately, we’ve all sat through some poorly executed presentations. Usually, you can’t remember what was discussed because you were too busy checking emails, playing games on your phone or just zoning out.

Presentations do not have to be boring. They can be fun, entertaining and effective when done right. So here are some fun presentation ideas you can use during your next meeting.

  1. Get Personal

Everything doesn’t have to be business all the time. Start out your presentation with something personal. Tell the audience a little bit about yourself, share pictures of your family and pets or tell a joke. Getting personal with your audience will help everyone feel more comfortable and build rapport.

  1. Use Fun Colors

Did you know that certain colors can help convey meaning, emotions and responses from your audience? Colors are an important tool that is often overlooked. When your designing your slides and handouts, make sure you use the right colors that will help foster the desired emotional reaction within your audience.

  1. Don’t Use Slides

Most people spend a lot of time creating slides for their presentations. Have you ever considered ditching the slides altogether? If you don’t think slides will add any value to your presentation, maybe you should consider eliminating them. You are the main element in your presentation and unnecessary slides will only distract the audience from your listening to you.

  1. Go Big

If you decide to use slides, make sure all of your images, videos and text are large enough so everyone around the room can easily see them. Not sure if your font is large enough? Take three steps away from your monitor and see if anything looks blurry. If it does, increase the size and try again.

  1. Stand Up

Schedule your presentation for 30 minutes or less and have everyone stand. Remove all the chairs from the meeting room and walk around as you present. This will help keep everyone focused on you and what you have to say.

For some, the thought of standing up or sharing personal stories during a presentation may seem odd. That’s the point. A great and easy way to keep your audience interested and engaged, is to surprise them. If done effectively, these unique tips will help you keep the attention of your audience throughout your next presentation.

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