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How to Use a Collaboration Solution for Better Project Management

For the average worker, projects just keep multiplying and accelerating at faster paces. However, by employing a collaboration solution, you can get a better handle on dispersed teams, aggressive deadlines, incoming requests and high-volume collaboration and improve your project results.

With robust features, iMeet® Central by PGi helps to solves common project management challenges, like:

1. The challenge: Managing multiple teams and projects.

The solution: Centralize everything for in-person and virtual teams with iMeet Central – files, schedules, updates, conversations, tasks – within searchable workspaces and make it easy to view color-coded calendars and status reports across multiple projects from your desktop or mobile dashboard.

2. The challenge: Overseeing projects with large, diverse team members.

The solution: Collaborating with multiple parties and external collaborators often slows communication (and in turn, progress), but with iMeet Central, you’ll be able to initiate communication seamlessly with integrated web and audio conferencing. The collaboration solution also makes it easy to control the authorization levels of all team members and see who’s editing or viewing tasks with audit logs.

3. The challenge: Keeping everyone on track to meet deadlines.

The solution: Break every piece of a project down into transparent, actionable tasks in iMeet Central, and set deadlines, priority levels and time budgets for each one so each project team member knows when their commitments are due and are accountable.

4. The challenge: Measuring the real-time status of projects.

The solution: Up-to-date data is critical to ensuring that you deliver projects on time and within set parameters, so the iMeet Central collaboration solution lets you create milestones out of tasks and generate Gantt charts and status reports to visualize and summarize your entire project as needed.

5. The challenge: Responding to last-minute changes or major overhauls.

The solution: iMeet Central helps you carve in room for flexibility and agility. Once you assign work requests, workflow rules you establish automate repeatable review-and-approve processes thereafter, granting you more time to make project changes as needed instead of micromanaging the details. The collaboration solution also archives all activity and document versions so you can track changes and get a complete view of project modifications.

Though project management success depends on a variety of factors – like better planning and getting the right people on board – the right tools and processes enable you to get the rest right, even in the face of rapid movement and redirection.

Whether you’re connecting teams in the office or afar, creating your next big marketing campaign or connecting global development teams, having the powerful collaboration features of iMeet Central at your fingertips will help you do it on time and on budget.

Request a demo today to see how much easier your teamwork and project management could be with a proven, trusted collaboration solution like iMeet Central.

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