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How to Use Central Desktop for Better Team Collaboration

Are you sacrificing speed and organization for free and familiar? If your team is using the same tools you’ve always used, like email and spreadsheets, you may not even realize that your team’s full potential is still across the horizon.

Tools like these are what you know –  you already know how to use them and that they get you to the finish line. But there are other ways to get there – faster and with better results – that require little effort to learn and adopt.

Team collaboration software like iMeet® Central by PGi offers your team a smarter way to collaborate. Using iMeet® Central, you’ll hit the primary goals of effective team collaboration, such as:

  • Improved inclusion: The more complex your team(s) is, the trickier inclusion and accessibility are to achieve. However, iMeet Central dissolves the boundaries and limitations of complex collaboration by centralizing every document, conversation, update, calendar and more into a virtual workspace that anyone can access from anywhere on any device. Telecommuters, road warriors and team members around the world will be able to collaborate in the cloud as if time zones didn’t even exist, and you’ll be able to include external collaborators (like agencies and vendors) just as easily and control what they can see and edit with varying authorization levels.
  • Increased clarity: One of the key elements to effective team collaboration is ensuring everyone understands each other’s roles and responsibilities. By allowing you to assign tasks and their order within a workflow, you create greater transparency so nothing falls through the cracks. Plus, as you receive team members’ updates in your stream, you have the ability to better assess where projects are stalling and readjust and assign help as needed.
  • Greater knowledge sharing: iMeet Central turns all of your documents, discussions and updates into a searchable database, making it easier to find and share information and ideas. Every file and discussion page has a permalink that makes it fast and easy to share specific items.
  • Better progress: iMeet Central helps your team move forward on projects faster than ever. Replacing multiple team collaboration tools with a single solution means you only need to remember one login, and you don’t even have to log in everyday to receive alerts and notifications. Both in-person and virtual teams have everything they need to schedule and join meetings right from iMeet Central, including shared calendars and integrated web and audio conferencing software. iMeet Central even lets you update and edit documents right in the platform, saving you time downloading and re-uploading files, and locks documents being edited in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about other team members overriding your work.

Just as importantly, since you’re replying to photos and customized profiles, iMeet Central allows for much more personal team collaboration than other asynchronous options like email. Because Central Desktop is built with a broad range of users in mind, not just IT, you’ll find it incredibly easy to leverage the solution’s full potential and tailor it to your team’s unique needs.

If the tools you’re using for team collaboration aren’t helping you eliminate common challenges like trust and communication, try Central Desktop for free. Sign up now for a 15-day free trial to experience the solution that hundreds of teams around the world trust.

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