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How to Use Visuals to Engage Virtual Meeting Participants

You have an idea that needs to be heard, a problem that needs to be solved or a room of workers that needs to be inspired, but if no one’s fully paying attention, you can’t get the results you really want.

Engagement is always a challenge when you’re hosting meetings. Whether you’re in a conference room or a virtual meeting room, guests will check out if they don’t feel compelled to pay attention.

Your best solution: using visual content to engage virtual meeting participants.

Why Visuals Are Powerful
People understand what you’re saying faster and remember it longer with visual aids. About 65 percent of the population learns best through visuals, which demonstrates the transformative power that they can have on your meetings.

Images and videos condense information into smaller chunks, and when you choose the right visuals, they provide more clarity than longer copy or spoken presentations. People also more easily associate emotions with visuals, which make what you’re saying more impactful and memorable than words alone.

On top of improving learning, visuals also mix up your format to keep guests on their toes. When no one knows what’s coming next, they’re more apt to pay attention.

Use these ideas to incorporate more visuals into your virtual meeting experience.

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Share Your Screen
First, share your screen to incorporate presentation slides, show and tell with graphs, or share videos.

  • You can turn your entire meeting into a presentation with simple tools like SlideShare, or just intermittently integrate slides to denote the beginning, middle and end of your presentation and turn it into a story.
  • Instead of listing your latest results or growth goals, plot the numbers on a chart or graph. It’s much faster and easier to understand the bigger picture when you can see everything at once.
  • Play a video clip or share an image that will excite your audience.

Present a File
The ability to upload a file into your virtual meeting room is a convenient way to not only share large files but also engage your meeting participants.

  • Instead of sending out presentations or meeting agendas ahead of time, upload it to your meeting room so participants have to be present to get the information.
  • If you’re giving feedback or constructive criticism in a meeting, display documents or collateral with your edits and comments.
  • Upload a leave-behind visual to your meeting room. Make it a simple, powerful diagram that communicates the single most important part of your meeting – your goal, the next steps, astonishing results or a vexing problem to think about.

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Turn on Your Webcam
Finally, and most importantly, turn on your webcam. So many workers miss out on one of the most engaging visual components of hosting virtual meetings – the ability to actually see each other in real time.

  • Leverage your own eye contact and body language to better narrate your story.
  • Turn your webcam on a live visual like an idea map or diagram drawn in real time.
  • Set up a science fair-style display to guide your participants through the meeting in a non-conventional manner.

Communication is more non-verbal than most people realize, so without the right visuals, without the best video quality, your virtual meeting participants aren’t quite receiving everything you’re trying to communicate.

However, with full stage, HD video, you now have the capacity to reach and engage your meeting participants like never before, no matter where they are.

For a more immersive, engaging face-to-face meeting experience, try iMeet® now.

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