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Video Conferencing Tools for the Advertising Professional

Advertising agencies are constantly looking for effective ways to collaborate with their clients. Video conferencing technology provides an ideal solution to agencies that want to maintain close bonds with their clients while saving time and money.

There are a number of video conferencing companies on the market that offer different features. To target the right online meeting software that meets your company’s needs, it’s important to first identify the various features and their advantages.

Instant access
The delay of emails, traditional mail and IT restrictions can negatively impact productivity. Using online meeting tools allows you to instantly share any content or feedback over the web—quickly reducing the turnaround time. Additionally, the instant sharing of assets will allow your clients to feel more involved and connected, which will help improve customer relationships and form a more unified team approach.

Relationship building
Face-to-face contact is vital as agencies nurture relationships with their clients. Typically, account managers and creative teams alike must visit their clients in person to gain an intimate understanding of their core business or present new creative work in order to ensure a strong working relationship. Over time, the heavy burden of travel can prove both expensive and time-consuming.

With PGi’s collaboration products, agencies can still create personal connections and build client confidence—without having to leave the office.

Global teams
With the rapid growth of multicultural advertising and the imperative for global perspectives in business, creative and client teams can no longer afford to be restricted by geographic location. But with smart online meeting tools, agencies can collaborate with clients, vendors, contractors and freelancers virtually. And with top talent now accessible around the world and just a click away, your agency can deliver a high-quality finished product to your clients.

Live collaboration
Video conferencing services like iMeet make it easy to collaborate virtually.
iMeet is ideal for smaller brainstorm sessions, on-the-fly meetings, staying in touch with clients and even virtual focus groups. In just one click, you can be face-to-face with up to 15 team members from around the world. iMeet has a virtual file cabinet with a 250MB capacity, allowing you to store or share documents of all types as well as videos. The screen share feature allows you to share individual content files or your entire screen. The low bandwidth, HD-quality video is perfect for seeing everyone clearly while not dragging down network resources.

Integrated product tools
iMeet is also fully integrated with Evernote, a popular tool among creative and production professionals who demand the best in multimedia and project organization. Additionally, an in-product note tool is fully integrated within iMeet so meeting attendees can multilaterally contribute to meeting minutes and conference reports, then distribute to attendees from iMeet directly with just one click.

Integrated social media
Social media is a powerful visual outlet and has become one of the most important communication channels available to businesses today. iMeet’s integrated social media lets agencies allow clients access to the social media channels of their choice and further relationships beyond the meeting. Account managers can provide LinkedIn and Twitter accounts while Creatives can opt for Flickr, a more visual representation of their personality. iMeet delivers a fully integrated and personalized meeting experience that supports creative business excellence.

Do you work for an advertising agency? Learn more how agencies just like yours can use video and web conferencing tools to improve client relationships and save costs today!

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