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GlobalMeet Terminology

Active Talker Technology
Active Talker technology is a feature that switches the camera to the person currently speaking.
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Adobe Connect
PGi and Adobe Connect let you host live and on-demand web meetings, webinars, eLearning classes and more, complete with fully integrated audio, video and web conferencing.
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Audio Conferencing
Audio conferencing is the practice of connecting multiple called parties on a single audio conference call, with multiple lines connected through a conferencing bridge. Modern audio conferencing solutions allow for alternate connections methods such as cloud-based web connections using VoIP or connecting through smartphone or tablet applications. See GlobalMeet Audio.

Cisco WebEx
Cisco WebEx is an enterprise-level conferencing solution that can record training sessions for up to 1,000 participants and facilitate meetings for up to 3,000. GlobalMeet Audio by PGi integrates with WebEx for the ultimate experience. See GlobalMeet Audio.
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Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is an alternative method to storing data locally on a computer’s hard drive. Instead, data is stored over the Internet, or “in the cloud,” where it can be accessed on multiple devices.
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Conference Call
A conference call is an audio meeting with multiple connected parties on the same audio bridge.

Conferencing Software
Conferencing software, like PGi’s iMeet and GlobalMeet, allows people to communicate and collaborate with cutting edge technology for web, audio and video. See iMeet and GlobalMeet.

Earnings Call
An earnings call is a teleconference or webcast open to the public via an 800 number and online meeting where a public company discusses its revenue for a given reporting cycle.
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Federal Acquisition Regulations
The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is the principal set of rules in the Federal Acquisition Regulation System. The FAR System governs the “acquisition process” by which the government acquires goods and services. The process consists of three phases: (1) need recognition and acquisition planning, (2) contract formation, and (3) contract administration.
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File Sharing
File sharing is a web conferencing feature that allows a host or designated guest to display a file to other meeting attendees.
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Host Control
Host control is a web conferencing function that allows users to access a list of participants, manage Q&A, share screens and chat with others.
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Interconnectivity is a state of connection without technological barriers. Anyone, anywhere across the globe can communicate and collaborate with others on any device.
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Interoperability is the seamless integration and operation of any group of IT systems and software.
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Investor Relations Call
See earnings call.
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Legal Conferencing Solution
See Soundpath Legal by PGi.
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Microsoft Lync
Microsoft® Lync® is a unified communications platform offering instant messaging, voice and video. Lync® allows users to share presentations and desktop control as well as engage in online meetings, audio conferences and video conferences. Lync is a registered trademark of Microsoft®.
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Mobile Web Conferencing
Mobile web conferencing refers to a conference accessed on a smartphone or tablet. It allows participants the freedom to collaborate and communicate from anywhere in the world. See GlobalMeet.
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ON24 Webcasts
ON24 webcast integrations allow users to stream live events and presentations and record them to share later. It offers real-time event polling and feedback as well as live event monitoring and post-session reporting.
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Online Collaboration Software
Online collaboration software allows employees to reap the benefits of virtual meetings without sucking up excessive amounts of bandwidth or bogging down your network.
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Online Screen Sharing
Online screen sharing is an online meeting or web conferencing feature that allows a presenter to display their computer desktop to attendees.

Online Training Software
Online training software can be used by a number of industries, including human resources and sales, that allows in-office and remote workers to access  professional development resources and learning materials on the internet. Learn More

Operator-Assisted Conference Call
An operator-assisted conference call is an audio conference in large parties of up to 15,000 are connected by a live operator who manages call logistics, moderation, Q&A and more. See GlobalMeet Audio.
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PGi, formerly Premiere Global Services, is a video conferencing, web conferencing, and online meeting software company founded in 1991 by Boland T. Jones.
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Post-Event Debrief
After an operator-assisted conference call, a post-event debrief gives analytics and insight into viewer behavior at the event so the host(s) can objectively discuss the what happened during the event.
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Screen Sharing
See online screen sharing.

Secure IP
A secure IP address offers standard SSL encryption to protect enterprise-level software and logins, such as a web conferencing platform. Using a secure IP ensures the integrity of such a platform or web conference by disallowing outside users to accidentally enter or cause harm to enterprise systems or software.
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Smart Calendar App
See iMeet Agenday by PGi.
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Soundpath Legal
PGi’s Soundpath Legal is a legal billing and web conferencing solution that offers audio and video conferencing for lawyers.
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Telecommuting, also called remote working, is a way for employees to “commute” to work virtually and still collaborate with coworkers through the use of communication technology such as web conferencing software or email instead of completing work in a brick-and-mortar office.
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Two-Way Dialogue
Two-way dialogue is an effective means of communication in which both parties listen and respond to each. Ideally, both parties will come away with an understanding of the other’s point of view and also feel that (s)he had equal opportunity to be understood.
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Video Interview Software
Video interview software is a human resources technology in which an HR manager can recruit and/or interview job candidates virtually using video conferencing. This method of interview reduces costs of travel and adds another dimension to candidates often missed by using audio conferencing alone.
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Video Managed Services
Video conferencing solutions customized to fit a company’s needs and technical infrastructure as well as its training, implementation, and support availability requirements.
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Viewer Behavior Tracking
Viewer behavior tracking uses metrics from operator-assisted audio calls, webinars, video conferences, etc. to help online meeting or event hosts determine viewer engagement levels after an online collaboration experience.
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Virtual Collaboration
Virtual collaboration is a way for people to engage with one another and work together using web conferencing, online meetings, and other communication technologies to connect digitally anywhere, on any device.
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Virtual Employee
A virtual employee is anyone who works remotely or telecommutes.
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Virtual Meeting
A virtual meeting is any conference or collaboration that happens on a laptop, desktop or mobile device using online meeting or web conferencing software.
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Virtual Office
A virtual office is a web platform (like iMeet) that gives users a virtual space that any colleague can enter by visiting their dedicated online meeting URL. The owner is then notified exactly who has entered via email or text and can join the space to collaborate.
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Virtual Security
Virtual security is a set of measures taken to ensure websites, networks, software etc. are protected from crashes and foul play, such as malware infections.
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Virtual Training
Virtual training is a teaching and learning method that uses webinars or web conferencing technology to present material online.
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VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is an audio conferencing option that delivers voice communications over the Internet rather than a traditional public switched telephone network, or PSTN. A VoIP participant converses through his or her computer’s microphone, which sends audio messages over the Internet to others in the conference or online meeting.
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Web Conferencing
Web conferencing refers to any multipoint, online communications solution that allows for simultaneous sharing of voice audio, web cam video and text-based chat communications between multiple participants.

Web Meeting
See online meeting.
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Web Recording
Web recording is an online meeting or video conferencing feature that allows hosts to record virtual events or webinars to archive and share later.

Web Streaming
Web streaming allows live audio and video to be broadcast in real time over the Internet during an audio, web, or video conference or webcast.
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Webcast, Webcasting
A webcast is an online event that is streamed live over the Internet.

WebEx Audio Integration
WebEx audio integration is a solution that incorporates GlobalMeet Audio by PGi into a WebEx conference to improve audio quality and overall performance.
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A webinar is an online meeting presentation or web conference event that is broadcast in real time to multiple participants, which often ask questions at the end via real-time chat or polling features. A webinar is typically recorded so it can be shared later and archived.
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Webinar Hosting
Webinar hosting is the process of creating and moderating a webinar. It involves organizing and managing presentation files, registering and accommodating a large number of participants, engaging the audience, and using web conferencing software (like GlobalMeet by PGi) to record and archive the webinar.
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A workation is a telecommuting experience in which an employee uses online and cloud-based collaboration and communication tools to work while on vacation, allowing employees to utilize their time off without feeling like they’re getting behind.

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