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why meetings fail

What Are Some Reasons Your Meetings Fail?

As much as you try to regularly meet, collaborate across aisles and juice those interactions for big ideas, your meetings just don’t seem to deliver any “aha” moments. Does this sound familiar?

From subpar online meeting software to flimsy meeting structures, there are many reasons your meetings fail. One huge problem you likely encounter is that you have…

No Engagement.
Boring presentations kill your meetings. Instead of guiding readers and sparking curiosity, poorly designed slides lose attention. Top that with an unprepared speaker or host without good presentation skills, and you’re left with a multi-tasking audience checking their phones or inboxes instead of learning, asking questions and sharing ideas.

Poorly organized meetings without clear agendas or with unstructured conversations also lack engagement. When one bad idea, overly critical voice or unrelated tangent overtakes the meeting, you cannot have productive brainstorming.

If you’re holding the same old, routine meeting in the same place or with the same hour-long timeline, attention slips through your fingers. When meetings are too long or you never switch up your format or venue, people stop caring and fall into routine bad habits.

Clearly, without engagement, you can’t achieve the goals of your meetings whether it’s generating new ideas, finding solutions or resolving conflicts, and so everyone’s…

Time Is Wasted.
When you haven’t set objectives and desired outcomes, it’s difficult to progress the conversation. If you don’t set your meeting intentions ahead of time, it’s too easy to get off track and let a few voices dominate the conversation and squash other opinions.

Would an email suffice instead of meeting? You may be wasting time meeting too often, then, or not meeting enough. And think about it: does everyone on that invitation actually need to go? Consider whether you have too many people in the meeting to be productive.

Of course, there’s always the latecomers. Every time someone shows up late to a meeting, those minutes lost rack up big time.

And most likely some of your biggest time sucks are due to…

Bad Technology.
If calls drop, attendees can’t log in to your online meeting room or it’s too confusing and time-consuming for guests to join, you need better online meeting software.

Plus, now that you’re accommodating mobile meeting guests, some may have trouble switching devices during the meeting. And between mobile attendees and large audiences, background noises are more prevalent and distracting than ever.

As you can see, hosting successful meetings isn’t as easy as getting everyone to show up (and even that’s not simple). Search PGi’s Collaboratory for smart, creative solutions to better meetings, and to solve your technical meeting dilemmas, explore PGi’s portfolio of collaboration solutions like smart calendar and mobile meeting apps to get you there on time and more personal, engaging online meeting software to forge better connections.