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What Are Team Workspaces?

Also known as online collaboration tools or shared work spaces, team workspaces are a centralized content location, a secure platform where you can share files, a network of defined work areas for project management.

It’s not just about file sharing, nor is it a social network. With so many features, functions and benefits, team workspaces offer versatility to accommodate a variety of applications and team processes.

Team workspaces typically offer:

  • Sharing. Team workspaces facilitate this function both internally (employee-to-employee) and externally (with vendors, partners and clients).
  • Collaboration. Communicate with near real-time social capabilities like comments and discussions.
  • Syncing. Everything syncs on multiple devices and beyond the firewall.
  • Project management. Users can set up multiple spaces for projects and teams.
  • Workflow oversight. Always keep projects moving forward by checking statuses, monitoring timelines, prioritizing tasks, pulling reports and sharing calendars.
  • Security. You decide who accesses projects, shared files and sensitive information with access controls and permissions for privacy.
  • Customization. Mold each space to your own work preferences in terms of layout, navigation and more.
  • Archiving. Your workspace is a searchable library and database for creative assets, data and even records of project activities.
  • Benefits of Team Workspaces

Here’s why companies and teams convert to team workspaces:

  • Productivity. Streamline project processes with efficient, central locations for collaboration. Lacking inefficient message chains and communication errors, team workspaces help you accelerate production and innovation.
  • Mobility. Accessible from anywhere, these tools help teams embrace mobility, further improving productivity. After all, if you’re out of the 9-to-5 or the cubicle, why shouldn’t your work follow, too?
  • Cost-efficiency. Team workspaces can be a cost-effective alternative to other platforms. Many are cloud-based, not only decreasing costs but also freeing up IT from complex implementation.
  • Security. Team workspaces secure information better than emails, and they also offer a secure alternative to employees’ DIY solutions. When companies don’t offer appropriate collaboration tools, employees seek out solutions that may not meet IT’s security requirements.

Broad Applications for Team Workspaces

Team workspaces benefit any team looking for a better way to connect and a user-friendly tool that offers more than the bare minimum.

These adaptable, secure tools support both in-office and out-of-office teamwork, as well as different types of collaboration. This makes them extremely valuable for cross-organizational, large-scale, global and enterprise collaboration.

Mergers, acquisitions and other sensitive transactions are contained in a secure, central location. Virtual teams and telecommuters seamlessly manage projects together in a shared space. Creative collaboration that requires large file sharing and workflow management makes team workspaces ideal for marketers and agencies.

Learn More

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