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What Are the Benefits of a Smart Calendar App?

Are you using the best calendar app to manage your time, or are you simply using one that’s already been chosen for you? While most mobile devices come preloaded with a native calendar app, these calendars limit your efficiency in comparison to what smart calendar apps can do.

Smart calendar apps are more robust than your native calendar in terms of aggregation, actionable items, communication and integration. Consider it an upgrade.

Because of their robust features, you could say even the function of smart calendar apps differs from your native one: one is a way to look ahead at your day (like checking the time on a watch); the other is a way to increase your productivity during the day.

Stuck in your native app? Here are some of the benefits of a smart calendar app you’re missing out on:

  • Time-saving features. Enhanced aggregation pulls all of your schedules into a single interface (no more checking multiple locations) and gives you control over which calendars you aggregate. Plus, all the details from your meeting invites — location, passcodes, contacts — sync up and create actionable items right from your calendar.
  • Streamlined actions. You can pull up turn-by-turn directions, connect to online meetings with one touch (and error-free) and contact meeting attendees from your calendar. You can text, email or call them if you’re late with a tap of a button, or use a message template to save even more time. Some apps also offer integration with other applications you use for work, like Salesforce. Stop manually managing the details and shift your workday into automatic.
  • Smarter design. When you’re looking at your schedule on the go, you probably don’t want to see your entire week. You need a swipeable, simple interface that helps you focus on the present. Many smart calendar apps display your schedule as a day-by-day, task-style list that’s easier to see on a smaller screen. Some even let you swipe agenda items from a locked screen, too, creating a more convenient way to stay on track on the go.
  • Relevant insights. Everything you need for a meeting may not be in that invite, though. Whatever’s missing, a smart calendar app can provide by showing you relevant information to build more context around your schedule. Traveling for a meeting? Check the weather from the app. Meeting with a new client? See their LinkedIn or Facebook profiles right in the app.

You’ll find a lot of calendar apps out there to choose from, but if you’re searching for that extra 60 minutes in your workday, start with one specifically tailored for business users.

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